Sat. May 18th, 2024

Meet Us

For over forty years Kris has touched America and numerous foreign nations with the Good News of Christ’s saving, healing and delivering power. His late wife of forty-one years, Debra, went home to the Lord in 2017. Tricia and Kris married in 2019 and she joins Kris’ travels and assists in ministry administration. Kris has pastored churches in Iowa, Missouri and Oklahoma and has conducted revivals and inter-denominational crusades from coast to coast, and in twenty countries, worldwide. Their ministry and YES! Church is based in Branson West, MO near America’s music show capital, Branson. Kris is a featured artist at a downtown Branson art gallery, is an accomplished guitarist and author of fifteen books and commentaries. Tricia is a real estate broker in Oklahoma and Missouri and 100% involved in the ministry. Their mission is to encourage and energize churches and pastors, and to share God’s word to the world by media, publishing and itinerant ministry. End Time revival is their daily pursuit, with meetings focused on cutting-edge Bible revelation, evangelism and entering the Glory-atmosphere of God’s presence. Kris & Tricia are ready to partner with you and bring a fresh word to your event.


A keynote speaker for several major conferences, camp meetings, youth camps, and missions conferences, Kris has spoken in well over a thousand pulpits – best known for his Tabernacle seminars, but is conference-ready in subjects of marriage, leadership, biblical authority, divine healing, spiritual warfare, ministry of the Holy Spirit and much more. He holds a Doctor of Theology degree from North Carolina College of Theology. Gracious doors have opened for conferences from Bakersfield to Boston and in foreign hubs such as Toronto, London, Dubai, Mumbai and abroad. We count every invitation a treasured privilege and will seriously seek God’s love, wisdom and gift to impart to those with whom we partner. The local church is still the central instrument being used by the Holy Spirit in this final harvest. KJM stands with the local pastor, under pastoral covering to assist the local church’s calling and vision.

For invitation to your church or conference call (417) 335-0260/ 417-335-1189 or click /

  • Founding pastor of YES! Church, and 5G Revival Network
  • Author of fifteen books and commentaries
  • Speaker in over one-thousand churches and conferences
  • Thirteen years of pastoral experience
  • Twenty-eight years in evangelism
  • Ministered in forty-three U.S. States and twenty countries
  • Fourteen years hosting daily radio program
  • Posting “Oh, Yes We Can!” daily teaching videos with Tricia