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138 pages – paperback 8.5x11 - $15.00

The Doctor is in the House and He has paid for the New Covenant, our Affordable Care Act. This is a new and improved edit of the former work, Here's to Your Health. The will of God as to our healing and wholeness was defined once and for all when Jesus encouraged the leper, "I will, be made whole". This study covers every promise, prescription and practice that we could find from cover to cover in the Bible as to God's will for healing. This is not a diet or fitness book but the principles enclosed can have a powerful impact on emotion and attitude and hence well-being. The Bible is the world's greatest medical journal. "Jehovahcare" gives the fineprint of the policy.

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Training For Reigning - Paperback
406 pages - paperback 8.5x11- $25.00

Training For Reigning - PDF
406 pages - e-mailed .pdf - $10.00

A verse-by-verse journey through the Gospel of Matthew. Scholarly, in-depth, filled with Kris’ personal insights and application, studying all major Greek terms, using a variety of translations and comments by notables such as Spurgeon, G. Campbell-Morgan, etc. Another preacher’s goldmine and perfect for personal or group Bible study.

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Psychology Of The Psalms - Paperback
510 pages - paperback 8.5x11- $25.00

Psychology Of The Psalms - PDF
510 pages - e-mailed .pdf - $10.00

A Psalms commentary like no other! Kris journeys verse-by-verse through each of the 150 Psalms. This is a roller-coaster ride of emotions. All the highs and lows of human psychology are touched upon, simple enough for any new believer yet deep enough for use in any Bible college. It is a goldmine resource for pastors, fully outlined, with wisdom from classical minds as well as Dr. Jackson’s unique wit, pastoral counsel and insight into the Word. This isn’t the typical commentary that isolates pet texts; instead it digs deep into every verse. Gospel meat to enjoy for years to come..

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Think Outside the Boat
139 pages – paperback 5.5x8.5 - $12.00

Monumental changes are never made by the eleven guys who stay seated by their oars. To make a splash someone has to dive in. Peter opted for the WOW Factor – Walking On Water. Had he procrastinated and waited for calmer seas the miracle would never have occurred. Our problem is that we test water temperature with a tentative toe rather than jump in and be done with it like those with child-like faith. "Think Outside the Boat" explores the drama of that unforgettable stormy Galilean night and applies timeless truths to our own spiritual adventures. This is a book about going overboard and risking all for your dream.

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Give Yourself a Good Talking To!
181 pages – paperback 5.5x8.5 - $12.00

Is there a mountain standing between you and the achievement of your dreams? This book cuts through the confession confusion and introduces sound wisdom and experience on declaring and decreeing, by faith, the promises of God's word. Learn important truths regarding the spoken word. Words determine atmosphere, self-esteem and destiny. Miracles occur when visualized then verbalized. The woman with the issue of blood "kept saying to herself, If I may but touch His clothes, I shall be whole…" Your faith for healing, personal and church growth and financial increase will soar by poring over the volume of Bible answers within this study.

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Maker's Match
Start on fire, stay on fire
183 pages – paperback 5.5x8.5 - $12.00

Whether you think your marriage is a perfect match or mismatch, Maker's Match will strengthen the relationship. This book studies the first five chapters of Genesis in what has been modeled for us in the original Adams Family. The first Man was made of dust…stardust…in the image of God. To find your destiny know your history. In this fast-moving portrait of the primal Pair the reader will live through four stages of life's journey, the modeling, making, marring and maturing of the man. Why another roadmap back to the Garden? Because it shows the single and newlywed what the Matchmaker intended for marriage and gives the struggling home hope for a happy ending. This is a balanced mix of biblical counsel and pastoral wisdom that will rekindle any couple willing to surrender.

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Ephesiancy - Paperback
Commentary on Ephesians
174 pages - paperback 8.5x11 - $15.00

Ephesiancy - PDF
Commentary on Ephesians
174 pages - e-mailed .pdf - $8.00

Ephesiancy, a word coined to describe the effectual working of God operative in His people. Kris writes this verse-by-verse study from three decades of Spirit-filled experience as well as a special gifting in interpreting scripture. Written in his preaching style the Ephesians commentary is meant to be devotional while at the same time accurate and didactic. It delves into Greek word usage, types, shadows and parallels in Old and New Testaments books with hundreds of “I never thought of that before” personal insights. This is not a Cub Scout book. Ephesiancy is wired and highly explosive.

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Mystery Of The Third Day - - - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
164 pages - paperback 5.5x8.5 - $12.00

With foreword by Pastor John Kilpatrick this book offers many keys to your spiritual breakthrough. It is a revival readiness manual for the new millennium. One day is with the Lord as a thousand years - we are fast entering the third day and third phase of God's dealings with man. The third court is the Holy of Holies. Learn how to enter the realm of God's glory.

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The Tabernacle - Blueprint To The Blessing
180 pages - paperback 5.5x8.5 - $12.00

This book goes somewhat deeper than the "Blueprint" CD series. Every item of the Exodus Tabernacle from boards to bars, covers to colors, the crowd to the Cloud are examined and detailed. There may not be another work available that is so concise yet easily understood. Tons of information.

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The Gospel Of Luke
272 pages - paperback 8.5x11 - $23.00

This study digs out truth from every verse of the twenty-four chapters of the Gospel of Luke. Luke “the beloved physician” (Col 4:14) refers his patients to Jesus “the Great Physician”. Discover new perspectives on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ that are enlightening to the elementary Bible student but written with the seasoned pastor in mind. Luke covers so many subjects, joy, prayer, the anointing, the believer's authority, and so much more, with in depth understanding of divine healing, because Luke was a doctor. Coil-bound…hundreds of illustrations, Greek text studies, sermon outlines and fresh commentary.

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Terms Of The Cross - - - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
36 pages - coilbound 8.5x11 - $8.00

A study of eight major redemptive doctrinal terms (sin, grace, repentance, justification, atonement, regeneration, sanctification, redemption) and their application to our present Christian life and victory. Perfect for group studies, Sunday School classes as well as personal growth.

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