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Downhome Sermons
6 cd album - $30.00

There are always special sermons that don't fit in any particular "series" yet have a unique touch of God or application to our lives. These messages are selected to bring back enjoyable preaching with pastoral guidance and counsel from the Word. Titles include: "3:16, Your Lucky Number", "Get Out of That Pit!", "Which Way to Happy?", "Jehovah-Rohi", "Pass the Salt!" and "A Life of Rest for the Rest of Life".

The Operation Of Faith
6 cd album - $30.00

In these messages believers are challenged to operate their faith in order to receive from God as well as stand against the wiles of the enemy. We are not saved by faith and works but we do have a faith that works. Learn principles for exercising the power of faith. Titles include: "The Operation of Faith", "Faith Works", "Five Degrees of Faith", You Can't Make a Splash if You Don't Dive In!", "Name It and Claim It" and "Faith in the Blood".

100 Reasons Why You Can Be Healed
3 cd album - $20

If what the word of God promises about healing cannot be trusted, how can we trust its promises for salvation? This series assures that both can be trusted for the same reason – God meant what He said and said what He meant. He heals all our diseases just as He forgives all our iniquities. Dozens of crystal clear verses are expounded on that affirm the believer's healing covenant. 100 points may seem laborious but they are an essential framework for claiming healing to be the will of God.

Success Messages
6 cd album - $30.00

These six motivational, life-coaching CDs include, “Up-Words”, which looks at moving upwards with up-words, “Faith For”, a treatise on Mark 11:23-24, “Get ‘er Done” which is Exodus 14:15, “Speak to the people that they go forward”, from the LCG translation (Larry the Cable Guy!), “Hitting the Target”, an acronym on TARGET, “Success: Focal, Vocal and Local”, and “Hi-Def Resolution”, a message about fine-tuning personal and corporate vision. Energizing, encouraging, emboldening.

Revival Messages
6 cd album - $30.00

Assorted “best of” powerful sermons from hotspots across America. Cutting-edge, on fire, stirring messages with plenty of fresh revelation. All Kris’ CDs are challenging for the new believer yet thought-provoking for the seasoned pastor. Titles in this album include: “Peter: At the Fire, On Fire and Under Fire”, “Aye, Aye, Captain!” “Let ‘er Rip!” “Bible: Ultimate Truth, Treason and Triumph”, “Lightning Rods of Revival” and “Why Revival Tarries”.

Symbols Of The Spirit
6 cd album - $30.00

Through the writings of John discover five allegorical pictures of the Holy Spirit, seen as a dove, wind or breath, water, oil and fire. The goal of these messages is to give the listener greater hunger for the “communion of the Holy Ghost”. Message #1 is an introductory study of John’s theology of the Spirit. “Symbols” is foundational, doctrinal, inspirational and above all impartational.

Faith: Your Key To Miracles
6 cd album - $30.00

The disciples prayed, “Lord, increase our faith” (Luke 17:5). We increase faith by feeding and exercising faith’s muscles. In these six messages Kris teaches how truths about the “measure of faith” possessed by every believer. Titles include: “Faith Comes by Hearing the Word”, “Faith Acronym”, “Water-Walking Faith”, “Faith: Know it, Grow it, Show it”, “Faith-Farming” and “Through Faith”.

Biblical Numerics
3 cd album with 18-page mini-book - $20

What spiritual significance can we find in the numbers of the Bible? In this album receive a crash-course on the basics of biblical meaning of numbers 1-40. This will be a valuable help to biblical interpretation. The mini-book adds a volume of scriptures and insights for the Bible student.

The Tabernacle – Blueprint To The Blessing
5 cd album plus booklet - $30.00

Kris walks the audience through the Mosaic tabernacle in five parts, studying the seven pieces of furniture, structure of the Tabernacle, typology, and application to our lives today. Learn the biblical faith steps necessary to move into the glory of the Holy of Holies. Years of study and personal experience have prepared this must have collection. Numerous biblical mysteries are unveiled.

Anointing For The Last Days
6 cd album - $30.00

In this “best of” album listen to six messages designed for Last Days believers seeking Last Days power. A special “double portion” anointing is reserved for this final generation of believers. Titles included: “How to Increase the Anointing”, “Corporate Anointing”, “The Third Level”, “After Six Days Jesus…”, “A Walk Through the Tabernacle” and “First Advent/Second Advent”.

The Ministry of Intercession
6 cd album - $30.00

PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens! All great reapers in public were first greater weepers in private. Discover the prayer principles of travail, spiritual authority, getting into the “fast lane” by praying in the Spirit, the power of fasting and so much more. This album tears a slit in the veil and grants access and bold faith before the Father.

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