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Dream On!
6 dvds - $35.00

Six positive, faith-inspiring messages designed to encourage the viewer to go after their dreams and pursue what God has called them to. Preached in exciting revival services across the country. Titles include: "Mind Transplant", "Dream On!", "Forward March", "Mountain-Moving Faith", "If You Want to be Heard, Speak the Word", "The WOW Factor"

Have Authority*
6 dvds - $35.00

Six powerful dvd messages teaching the open heaven over Jesus’ ministry, the authority of our first parent Adam, scriptural principles on receiving miracles and healing, the example of Joshua’s conquest of the Promise Land and much more. These are some of Kris’ favorite messages. Titles include: “Authority: In, Under, With, Have”, “Joshua Generation”, “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?”, “Kill the Bull!”, “Hey, Man” and “Let ‘er Rip!”

Mighty, Meaty Messages
5 dvds - $30.00

Five television production quality "mighty, meaty" messages from white-hot revival services. All five messages are full of revelatory concepts. Messages included: "Asleep at the Wheel", "Laying Tracks for Revival", "The Devils Believe and Tremble", "Three Anointings", and "It's Time to Reformat". These "best of" messages will open your eyes as well as your heart

The Tabernacle - Blueprint To The Blessing
2 dvds - $20.00

Through this unique two-DVD album, gain a master understanding of the furnishings, courts and symbolisms of the Tabernacle as Kris walks the audience through near-scale Tabernacle furnishings. General comprehension of the Word of God will never be the same! Four hours of cutting edge insight from years of biblical study...
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