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Sunday, September 30th, '18

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" may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust" (2 Peter 1:4)


Chuck Swindoll told one recently about some Junior High girls that would smear on their lipstick in the school girls' restroom then all kiss the mirror leaving several dozen sets of lip prints for the janitor to deal with in his nightly cleaning routine. Something had to be done so the school principal corralled all the girls that she knew wore lipstick, into the restroom. Explaining what difficulty the sticky smeared prints posed to the custodian, she had him demonstrate just how hard it was to clean off the lipstick. To the shock of the culprits he dipped his squeegee in a toilet then swiped the mirror, dipped then swiped, dipped then swiped. Needless to say, there wasn't a mirror kissing problem after that.


That shows that to kick a bad habit the bad behavior needs to become more distasteful than the alternative. Unfortunately, a squeegee and potty-water doesn't always deter the actions. For instance, what the Surgeon General had to say about nicotine did little to curtail youth smoking. Looks in the mirror do little to reform the one whose eating habits have gotten way out of control. You know how human nature is, the more we tell ourselves "No!" the more the flesh begs for what is being deprived.


Paul approaches the flesh from the standpoint of position, that when we accepted Christ we died to the old order. As such we are to "reckon" ourselves dead to sin and alive unto Christ (Romans 6:11). Assure yourself that you are better than that. Jesus' nature dwells inside you now, a new nature that doesn't have to submit to binges whether alcoholic or choco-holic. A cold shower was the standby victory method in the old days, but such measures aren't needed for those who walk in the Spirit. We face situations as though we were Christ in the earth, which we are (1 John 4:17). He sees through our eyes, walks with our feet, and accesses the worldwide web through our fingertips. We must let Him live His life through us.


That is a matter of yielding. A pistol in the hands of a criminal is potentially deadly but the same gun is no worry in your hands or mine. Because we do not yield to rage. So why should it be any different with a computer mouse, a cocktail glass, a bottle of tranquilizers or any other item we handle? Adam and Eve fell for a single fruit because they focused on it instead of focusing on their joyous relationship with the Father. Curbing negative behavior is more a matter of worship than willpower. A Spirit-filled person can walk through a whole grove of forbidden fruit trees and not bat an eye if his focus is on the Lord. The habitué has listened to the wrong voice. The Greater One dwells within and He doesn't hit us with a list of don'ts, rather dos. The faith-walk is a life, not a list. Don't do this and don't do that just baits the hook for human weakness. Instead, we should live in a constant state of worship with our focus on His strength not our weakness, for when we are weak then He is strong. You can kick a habit without kicking the bucket or kicking yourself for failure. Just remember as Paul said, "It is not I that live, but Christ that liveth in me". Give the battle over to Him.

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