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Friday, October 5th, '18

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"...make straight in the desert a highway for our God" (Isaiah 40:3)


US 395 is one official highway in the desert. We are preaching in Ridgecrest, CA this week in the Mojave Desert, a hop, skip and jump away from Death Valley. This is the land o' lakes, China Lake, Searles Lake, Cuddeback Lake and so forth. I don't know why they call them lakes, all are dry as dust. But there is a highway here for our God. Some of the greatest of miracles happened in the desert. Moses met God on the backside of the desert. Isaiah promised that in "the wilderness waters shall break out, and streams in the desert". John waited in the desert "until his showing forth to Israel". The Israelites were given a supernatural supply of manna each morning in the desert and it was there that Jesus replicated that abundance by feeding five thousand with fish and bread, which beats manna any day. One time it says Jesus "was without in desert places: and they came to him from every quarter" (Mark 1:45). May similar crowds join us here this week!


Know that the desert does not mean we are deserted. Jesus was tempted by the devil during that forty day stint in the desert. He seemed deserted but wasn't. The Father never forsook His Son. He hides His face at times but doesn't remove His hand. We are sons and daughters, not orphans, and you can bank on the fact that God will never be accused of child neglect. Second, know that the desert is a "have to" part of the process. Moses and Israel could have made it to the Promise Land in a matter of days had they hugged the Mediterranean shoreline but that would have been like skipping from kindergarten to senior high. There is a three-step process from Egypt, through the desert and into Canaan, from, through and into. You can't get to it until you've gone through it. The intermediate is as important as the primary and secondary. It doesn't have to, but sometimes "middle school" can last up to forty years. Third, know that the driest places are the ripest places. Dry shucks can quickly ignite into a scorching revival-fire. David cried, "My flesh longs for you in a dry and thirsty place..." (Psalm 63:1) Parched lips soak up spiritual water the quickest. Such thirsty lips don't complain about sermons being boring or music being too loud. "To the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet". Deserts rejoice over every rain droplet they can draw.


ature-ation is the result of maturation. And maturity is the prerequisite to ministry. All the Moses-types through history had seasons in the desert. Actually, I don't think we should fight the desert or try to avoid it. Jesus was driven by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil (Mark 1:12,13). The desert then was not the devil's plan but rather the Spirit's. Of course, we can shorten our stay in the desert. Jesus was only in the desert for forty days while Moses was there for forty years then added another forty through disobedience. Being led of the Spirit into the desert does not in the least mean that we are to remain there the rest of our Christian lives. Learn the lessons of the desert. Allow God to instill the needed patience and build whatever character He has targeted then press on to Canaan, or where Jesus first went, Cana, where He worked His first miracle. Right now everything is as silent as a desert. You may not be receiving any calls or even any signs. The desert may be 120 degrees by day and 20 degrees by night. It is the way-up then way-down place and little makes sense there. You might see a rattlesnake or a Gila Monster or get nabbed by a prickly pear but focus on the positive for the desert has a beauty all of its own. If there is a highway in the desert for our God then that means that our God is going to show up in the desert. Believe that. I cannot accept that He brought you and me to this place to let us die of thirst.

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