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Tuesday, January 29th, '19

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"...Lord, thy pound has gained ten pounds" (Luke 19:16)


All right, I've finally found a verse that excuses putting on a few pounds. The first trader in the parable gained "ten pounds", the second "five pounds" and they even were rewarded at the end for their scale tipping. Of course, I'm practicing isogesis, reading something into the text instead of exegesis, drawing truth out. The pounds spoken of here were money units, like English pounds, minas, equal to one hundred drachma or around three month's wages. First, see that the nobleman gave to each servant one pound. All begin at the same entry level. God gave you value, potential, faith. Paul said that He "has dealt to every man the measure of faith" (Romans 12:3), not "a" measure but "the" measure. Whether Benny Hinn or Benny Hill, all come into this world with fairly equal opportunity, but what opposite paths two men can choose. All ten servants began as equals regarding quality and quantity. But they did not remain equals because at least two invested their pound making and multiplying more pounds while the timid servant tucked his pound away in a napkin and ended up taking a pounding.


Like the "talent" in the sister-parable in Matthew, the Roman "pound" carried weight. You have more weight to throw around than you may think! Peter commented, "As every man has received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God" (1 Peter 4:10). Every man has received "the gift". Yours is different than mine. One sings, one sews, one speaks, one sacks, one sends, all specialize. Ministry is a whole lot more than just thirty-minutes a week behind a pulpit. You have a pound, so expound. Do something with it.


But notice the guy in the parable who played careful with his pound. He said, "I feared..." (vs 21) Fear of man, fear of failure, fear of ridicule, these are life's cripplers. He answered the master, "Here is thy pound..." He knew the pound was not his own but was a gift. Life is a gift, don't sit on it. He had kept it "laid up in a napkin", neatly folded in fine linen. White linen symbolizes the "righteousness of the saints". It pictures the believer that never gets his hands dirty, his potential hidden neatly behind the four church walls.


To keep one's pound spotless and safe is the maintenance mindset, not the multiplication mindset. It is the worn-out line that excuses, "We're holding our own". That is not good enough. Suppose you gave the banker $10,000 and at the end of the year no interest had accrued? You didn't lose a cent but neither did you gain. God seeks increase. He expects every believer to put on some pounds. (You do that at your office desk, not Fazoli's.) Love grows when it is invested. Faith adds faith when it is exercised. Give away a pound of happiness and you won't be diminished. Tons of joy will be yours on the rebound. A smile is something you can't give away because it keeps coming back to you. "Give and it shall be given, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over". Notice the nobleman's response. He "said unto them that stood by..." I guess you would call them weight watchers. He said to them, "Take from him the pound and give it to him that has ten pounds". That may not sound fair. Fight the system all you want but the rich keep getting richer. It is a biblical concept and fact of nature. The more you sow the more you grow. But on the flipside, if you don't use it you will eventually lose it. One day we will all meet again, like a giant class reunion, and will see who put on the most pounds. Get ready for that day. "Spend and be spent" (2 Corinthians 12:15).


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