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Jump-Start Your Day

Monday, April 1st, '19

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"Reverence for God adds hours to each day..." (Proverbs 10:27 TLB)


Daylight savings time is kind of a man-made daylight stretching time. But everyone knows that it doesn't actually stretch time, it just manipulates our sleep cycle and makes us think later is earlier or earlier later. There are twenty-four hours in a day. That is a physics law that can't be altered. However, the above text implies that God can somehow supernaturally turn what is a twenty-four-hour day for one into a twenty-five or six hour day for another. How's that? Influence and effectiveness. Much time is wasted. Thousands of man-hours are used on filing reports and covering backsides. So much time is spent going to and coming from. Inefficiency abounds. It takes some people the first half of the day to get started and the other half to unwind. They spend most of the time taking on a project just taking on the project. Staring at the stack of papers on the desk can consume as many calories as actually tackling it.


KJV says, "The fear of the Lord prolongs days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened". The righteous think in terms of days, daily accomplishment; the wicked deal in years, year after year of the same old grind. The fear of the Lord prolongs days, that is, it adds substance, purpose, length and value. "Length of days is in her right hand..." (Proverbs 3:16) Wisdom stretches the span between sunup and sundown. Now some days you would rather not have prolonged. Mama said there would be "those days". The promise of prolonged days implies happy prosperous accomplishment. Paul faced one particular day when he "wished for tomorrow" (Acts 27:29). Those kind of days need shortened, not extended. But there are other days that you wish would never end. Following God's wisdom crams more hours into such a day. One minute under divine favor can accomplish more than one year of fleshly struggle. Having the right people brought into your life, delegating authority to multiply your effectiveness and connecting with others that have greater resources than yourself, all adds hours to an otherwise very limited potential.


And not only that, God can "restore to you the years that the locust has eaten" (Joel 2:25). Under most circumstances "the days that were before shall be lost" (Numbers 6:12). We rouse each new morning to rip yesterday off the calendar and move forward to the new. But that doesn't necessarily have to be. God can fix past mistakes. Good seeds from your past can sprout in your future. What looks in the natural as finality can be a new beginning. Someone you worked hard for or someone you helped still remembers you. When what goes around comes around the benefit can stretch your future potential. Someone might "tell on you", that is, tell something positive. It worked for Joseph. He got his promotion and once he was elevated to status of vice-president over Egypt, God added lots of hours to each of his days. Maxwell says the key to efficiency is not working hard but working smart. Many people have worked hard their whole lives and have little to show for the labor. Wisdom says take advantage of compound interest, delegated authority, networking of friendships and so on. One man can pick, say, a hundred bushels of corn per day (I have no idea). But a combine might pick ten-thousand bushel (I still have no idea). Technology adds hours to a day, so does being rightly informed. Refuse to think in terms of 24/7. God made the sun stand still for Joshua. He can manipulate time for you too if you will give Him the chance to work a miracle.

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