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Tuesday, April 16th, '19

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"...the peg driven in so firmly shall be wrenched out and give way, till everything that hung upon it shall come down..." (Isaiah 22:25 Moffatt)


What is the main peg that holds civilization in place? Isaiah prophesied a day when the master-peg would be wrenched loose and once expunged the whole society would drop like ten-thousand cables on a suspension bridge snapping at once. That peg has a nebulous name called God. Some see it as a higher power, morality, Law, perhaps truth but whatever name you give "it", actually "Him", we are all aware that there is a central "something" that holds it all together. E. Stanley Jones writes of a father that was explaining the Law of Gravity to his young son. The boy answered, "But Dad, what held things together before they passed that law?" See, the eight year-old knew intrinsically that creation demands a Creator. He just didn't know how to define it.


This peg is being "wrenched out". Godless man wants a Godless world and he is about to get it. We've wrenched the Bible out of our schools, now the Ten Commandments. And if the peg wrenchers have their way "In God We Trust" will be off our mint presses soon and the "one nation under God" line will be extracted from the Pledge. To compensate we drive in our own pegs, materialism, money, pleasure, sports, vacations, sex, possessions, etc. We tie safety cords to the new pegs and find they pop loose under pressure.


Does anything make sense without God? An atheist has been described as "a man who has no invisible means of support". When the going gets rough I need an unseen anchor. I quote Jones again, "If there isn't Anything there, then we have no framework of reference, no star to steer our little boat by, and so we are tossed from wave to wave of inane and meaningless existence with no star, and hence no harbor". Is everything that hung on the original peg starting to fall? Look at the divorce rate, the spread of AIDS, the abortions, unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. Look at empty pews, empty looks, empty dreams and empty souls. If earth has no SON to rotate around it is just another meteor biding its time till it crashes into another meaningless celestial body.


David asked, "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (Psalm 11:3) Foundations, pegs, both are the same. Our forefathers took the mallet of freedom and drove the peg of righteousness into its hole and hung the hopes of a new world upon it. American freedom has never been a given. Each generation has had to reinforce the peg. That is done by teaching patriotism, honor, respect of elders, getting a secure footing on biblical truth and learning to trust, fear, obey and love God. Sadly, we have failed in recent years. Some black and blued their thumbs while driving that peg. All our wars have been costly in dollars, lives and limbs but the cost has been worth it. The peg has held secure. Now we don't know what to fight for because without the peg, without God, everything is relative and doesn't really matter anyway. Since the evolving ape doesn't know what he shall ultimately become why should he care what he is today? The hedonist philosophy has always been, "let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die" (1 Corinthians 15:32). I would say amen to that except that I was taught different as a boy and have learned by experience that you can't survive long without a center. Rousseau said, "If there is no God we would have to invent one to keep people sane". Well there is a God and He alone can measure what is sane. Pull the taproot and the tree dies. Pull the plug and everything goes down the drain. Pull the peg and the boom is lowered. I hope it isn't too late for us. But I do have a hammer in hand and I'm going to try to reset the main peg. I hope you will help.

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