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Tuesday, May 22nd, '18

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"...conduct yourselves like men, and fight" (1 Samuel 4:9 NKJV)


I'm leading a men's retreat in California this weekend, rehearsing things the guys likely already know, i.e. taking charge of their minds, morals, money, minutes, and marriages. Though we know what we're supposed to do yet sometimes we need little readjustments. A "man" by definition is an adult male person, as opposed to a boy or a woman. But there are all different types of Man, the phone man, a gentleman, ladies' man, jazz man, my main man, Secret Agent Man and you da man to name a few. The main thing is the man thing. From boyhood we're pushed to be manly. Now that term isn't as easily defined. You can't score it by fistfights won. Jesus our Model Man never went into the ring although He whipped every demon in hell on the cross. Being a man can't be gauged by sexual prowess or partners since He also never had His first date (though His "Bride" today numbers in the millions). Manly isn't defined by beard, beer gut, brass knuckles or a Browning deer rifle. It includes brain and brawn but goes much deeper to one's spiritual core.


The bend of the tree has much to do with how it was planted. TD Jakes writes, "If you never develop empathy for the little boy in me who is holding a blanket and sucking his thumb in the doorway, watching everyone leave, then you will never understand my erratic behavior as a man on the job, or in bed..." Being a man means overcoming a lifelong mold. "Dad was a drunk so I'm a drunk". It's past junk that creates the junkie whether his drug of choice is cocaine, Jack Daniels, Hustler magazine or smacking people around. "When I became a man, I put away childish things" (1 Corinthians 13:11). Becoming a man means GETTING PAST YOUR PAST.


Second it means GROWING PAST YOUR PAIN. In the gun slinging western John Wayne simply draws the knife out of the campfire, cauterizes the bullet wound then everything is fine again. Not so in a real man's world. All men have battle scars. For one it's a missing leg and a Purple Heart medal; for another it's just a gash from a fall from the plum tree in the backyard. Either way a man is not a man until tested. Adversity doesn't build character, it reveals character. Don't tell me men don't cry, because losing that leg hurts, so does losing a job, losing a national pendant or losing a girlfriend. Our model man looked beyond the grave to resurrection. The power always follows the pain. Real men don't allow their dreams to die.


Third, it means GIVING PAST YOUR POTENTIAL. That's finding your passing gear, giving something 110%. Some never take a full swing. Because of countless strikeouts they only approach home plate hoping to bunt. You'll never see dirt under that man's nails. They punt the ball rather than go for fourth and long. Bunt and punt, two of the sorriest words in a man's vocabulary (which is quite limited to begin with). The A in MAN stands for ADVENTURE. Eldredge writes, "Hannibal crosses his famous Alps, and there comes a time in a boy's life when he first crosses the street and enters the company of the great explorers". It's not that we actually give past our potential but that we go past where we thought we could go. There is so much love, so much faith, emotion, passion and potential in Man that sadly has never been let loose. That's why Jesus commanded, "Loose that man!" They stripped the mummy gauze off Lazarus, and many reading today need a similar stripping...of mentality, attitude and self-image. Something inside longs to rescue the little golden-haired princess locked in the castle tower. Instead man settles for a paycheck on Friday then the couch and a football game. But that's not enough for some. Just snagging a couple bluegills doesn't satisfy the warrior who has his sights set on Goliath. I can't explain's just a man thing.

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