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Thursday, May 24th, '18

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"For she said within herself, If may only touch his garment, I shall be whole" (Matthew 9:21)


In one sense we are totally helpless without God but at the same time He made us in his image which means we are responsible for our own decisions and consequent mistakes. The oft-quoted verse, "God helps those who help themselves" is not found in the Bible but the spirit of that adage is seen in the way the woman with the issue of blood pressed toward the hem of Jesus' garment. She offers a crash course in self-help. First, you must TALK TO YOURSELF. Note, she "said within herself". Self-talk is peg one in self-help. Murdock claims that God gave us a mouth to conquer our mind. The Book of the Law is in the mouth before it's in the mind (Joshua 1:8). Our world is framed by our words. Death and life are in the power of the tongue.


Second, you must TEACH YOURSELF. She made logical deductions. If I touch "I shall be whole". Earlier she had "heard of Jesus" (Mark 5:27). It's not that we actually teach ourselves because we can't teach something we've never learned, but at least she was teachable. If you're teachable you're reachable. The Holy Spirit within is the Teacher. He reminds then applies scripture. He uses books, tapes, life lessons and so on. If I say I'm self-taught that doesn't mean I didn't need outside help for I needed tons of help. But it means I'm a self-motivated learner. To me self-help is shelf-help. Dozens of motivational books line my library shelves.


Third, you must TAME YOURSELF. Remember the woman in our text was weak, sickly, anemic. For twelve years she had lost valuable blood. It was painful pressing through the crowd to get to Jesus but she tamed herself. She made herself go the distance. You can tame yourself when you TAP INTO YOURSELF. Notice she said, "If I may only touch". She knew she had underground reservoirs that had never been tapped. All of us do. Man only utilizes a third of his mental genius. Most have never worked up a good sweat let alone sweat blood like Jesus did. Tony Robbins writes of awakening "the giant within". The real giant in the David and Goliath story was not Goliath. (Nor was it David.) It is "Christ in you" that is the "hope of glory" (Colossians 1:27). The woman with the issue of blood's body was emaciated but her faith was unstoppable. She had an incurable case but came with unconquerable faith to an incomparable Christ!


Then finally, you must TRUST YOURSELF. This is the tough part because all are well aware of personal inadequacies and no one knows the failures like a person does himself. Consider that this woman had been kicked out of the synagogue because of her "issue". If she had been married which she problem had been, the indication is that her husband had left her because of her "issue". And the doctors had given up on her. She had "suffered many thing from many physicians, and was none better, but rather grew worse". Doctors don't normally forfeit hope but in her case even the medical community was flummoxed. With that many strikes against you it is near impossible to square your tie, tuck in your shirttail and believe in yourself. But she did (forget squaring the tie). "If I may only touch..." She rehearsed those ten two-letter words to live by, "If it is to be it is up to me". She pressed through the press and pressed up to Jesus. Having no other help she went with self-help. Jesus was there waiting. His refrigerator is always full. Another way of saying it is, "Help your self!" If we take one step toward God He will take two steps toward us. Where there is some TRY and some TRUST there will always be some TRIUMPH. She touched the hem and the hemorrhage healed, hallelujah!

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