Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023


We invite you to join the 5G Revival Network and G-Force ministry partners, a network of Kingdom-minded believers, knit together by prayer, special revival events and missions support, laboring to reach our personal communities for Christ and to carry the gospel to the nations.

Claiming the promise – “Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession” (Psalm 2:8)
5G Mission Statement – “Giving the Gospel of God’s Grace to the Globe”

You are David’s five smooth stones!

Together we can knock Goliath to the ground. 5G suggests the proper biblical order of five-fold leadership and ministry. Five loaves fed five-thousand. Note the 5Gs in Ephesians 4:11,12… Apostles govern, Prophets guide, Evangelists gather, Pastors guard, and Teachers ground. Every area of spiritual need is met within those five basic ministries. Though you may not walk in one of the five-fold office gifts, your personal talents are still valuable to the work of Christ.

G-Force regular and monthly supporters help shoulder the burden of revival. G-Force is a strike force against the enemy.

Tricia and I need a launching pad to send us and like-minded missionaries to the nations. A friend recently shared her excitement about getting to watch a live daytime launch at Cape Canaveral. In around three minutes the shimmering rocket disappeared from view. Then she got to attend a nighttime NASA launch. For fifteen minutes she watched an amazing light show that she described as “spectacular”. Launching a ministry in a time of daylight and convenience is exciting but taking a step of faith in a season of darkness such as we have seen in this past year, will illuminate the skies and cause heads to turn from miles around. We are claiming that word, “spectacular”.

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The launchpad is made of men and women of “like precious faith”.
And a launch requires thrust, whether it be the shove of the little boat that took the disciples out to their miracle catch on Galilee or the energy required to lift a space shuttle off its Cape Canaveral launch site. We build “thrust” by prayer, financial partnership, and volunteering to serve.

When you support Kris Jackson Ministries with a monthly gift you enable us to bring God’s life-changing word to churches of all sizes, and to international settings where there are no means for support, enable us to continue publishing books and commentaries that bless the Body of Christ, and help lay the foundation of the new YES! Church.

With your seed in any amount we will send the current G-Force monthly CD or DVD product, and partner’s letter, and will stand with you in prayer for your financial, family and healing needs.

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G-Force partners support ministry to men, international crusades, church revivals and conferences, as well as local revival efforts