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PARK THE ARK! Take a journey through various Tabernacle furnishings as displayed at New Beginning Christian Center, Bakersfield, CA. Learn applicable outer court, inner court and Holy of Holies secrets through Old Testament typology.

Study, enjoy, share, comment, grow

Forward Progress / Part 2 – Feed Your Faith
12/3/23 / Too many are free grazers roaming church to church, spoon-fed babes, trick or treaters who just want candy and vacuum cleaners who will swallow anything. Learning how to eat right, spiritually.

Forward Progress / Part 1 – Fix Your Focus
11/26/23 / Message one of twelve back-to-back messages on moving forward, subjects such as “fix your focus”, “find your friends”, free your finances”, etc.

Positioning for Revival
11/12/23 / One good position is on your face at the altar! We are praying for a revival of hunger, humility, hope, etc. Seven “H” words much needed today

America & Israel
11/5/23 / What would I do if I wanted to weaken America? Watch and find out. Plus, important truths on the apple of God’s eye, Israel, and where modern Israel stands in Bible prophecy. This is “this generation” (Mat 24:34).

What About Water Baptism?
10/29/23 / Ten scriptural points on the priority doctrine of water baptism for every believer.

Gaza: in History, In Prophecy
10/15/23 / Commenting on numerous prophetic scriptures dealing with Gaza, Tyre, Damascus, the Psalm 83 confederacy, the northern allied attack against Israel and the battle of Armageddon.

Big Bad John
10/8/23 / A biography of John the Baptist, forerunner of Jesus. A powerful preacher and transitional figure between the locusts of the law and the honey of grace.

3:16 – Your Winning Number
10/1/23 / John 3:16 is a volume in a verse and an ocean in a droplet. Learn the 3:16 verses and you’ll know the whole plan of redemption. Simple reminders from Luke 3:16, Acts 3:16, 1 Cor 3:16 and many more.

Yom Kippur & the Azazel Mystery
9/24/23 PM / One of the most interesting and convicting studies we have done, looking at the High Priest Jesus’ ministry in the Holy of Holies, the closing of this dispensation and sealing of judgment. It is Christ or Azazel, paradise or perdition

Aye, Aye Captain
9/17/23 / A walk through the big fish story in Luke 5:1-11. Jesus is the Greek – epistasus, Captain of the boat. By faith Peter let down the nets for a boat-sinking catch. There is an in-gathering before the up-taking.

Yes and No
9/10/23 / Jesus said we are to let our yes be yes and our no be no (Mat 5:37). There are things you better never say no to, and others you better say no to. And when you say no, mean no. Important truths about drawing distinctions.

Cut Loose!
9/3/23 / What a believer looses on earth is what has been loosed in heaven. The tied colt was loosed. Woman, thou art loosed! Loose Lazarus and let him go. It’s time to cut loose and get loose!

Household Salvation
8/27/23 PM / Provision is made for your whole house to be saved. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh 24:15). Twelve biblical steps for leading the way for your family to be saved.

The Blessing
8/27/23 AM / An in-depth look at “the blessing”, not just “a blessing”, living under the blessings of God (Proverbs 10:22). The blessing promised, purchased, pursued and more.

The Adam Principle
8/20/23 / Going back to the original Adams Family, our primal parents, their dominion, their DNA, their fall, and the Last Adam who brought redemption to our fallen race. Adam had seven special powers given by God.

8/13/23 / Jeanine Wilson Newsom ministers on maintaining Body unity from Jesus’ intercessory prayer in John 17.

Cheap Whines – Part 2
8/6/23 / If you’re whining, you’re not winning. Ten powerful and applicable points about praising your way through the pain. Don’t whine, shine! He wrote it, we quote it. And much more.

Cheap Whines – Part 1
7/30/23 / When the whine runs out the pity party is over. Learn ten powerful truths about the murmuring and complaining spirit. If you’re whining, you’re not winning. If you gripe, you’re in some kind of grip. Some need put out of their “misery”, etc

Moving into Miracle Mode – Part 3
7/16/23 / Learn twelve powerful principles for operating in miracle mode from the Apostle Paul in Acts chapters 9-28. When we say Holy Ghpst ministry we mean miracle ministry.

Moving into Miracle Mode – Part 2
7/9/23 / A walk through the miracles of the first ten chapters of the Book of Acts. The church was birthed in and built by the miraculous. Expecting daily supernatural interventions in everyday life.

Moving into Miracle Mode – Part 1
6/25/23 / God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul (Acts 19:11), or “extraordinary” (NIV). If there are extraordinary miracles, there are “ordinary” miracles, everyday occurrences. So it was with the early church, so it follows today.

The Trans-Formation of America
6/18/23 / “Straight Talk” on the sexualization of society, militarization against, and ultimately criminalization of biblical standards. All in this week’s news. “And such were some of you…” (1 Cor 6:11)

Seedtime – Part 4
6/11/23 / By their fruits you shall know them, but also by their roots. Where are you rooted? Get rooted in Christ, His word, His house, etc. The wind will challenge the roots but the word shall stand.

Seedtime – Part 3
6/4/23 / Discussing seed – time – and harvest. Cast your bread on the water and find it “after many days” (Ecc 11:10). A messages about the waiting through and wading through process.

Four Fires
5/28/23 PM / Taking a walk through the life of Peter at the fire, under fire, on fire and through the fire. Most believers deal with these four areas of maturing.

Seedtime – Part 2
5/28/23 AM / Continuing the series on the promise of seedtime and harvest (Gen 8:22), looking at the process of seasons, seed, soil, sower, sowing, summer and sickle. Or we can call it “faith farming”.

Seedtime – Part 1
5/21/23 / Learn 15 principles on seedtime and harvest (Gen 8:22), lead with your seed, turn creed into seed, feed and weed your seed, inter-“seed”, etc. Powerful truths on faith farming.

Seasons of Motherhood
5/14/23 / A Mother’s Day message by Tricia Jackson on different stages of a Mom’s life from high school bride to grandmother and stepmother.

Power of a Name
4/30/23 / Proverbs 22:1 speaks of having a “good name”. Jesus surnamed Peter and renamed Paul. He will at last dis-name the wicked. We mistakenly mis-name what God has named. The name above all names is Jesus.

Moving Day
4/23/23 PM / Someone says, “I hate moving!” but move we must, whether moving forward as a church, or making the final move to heaven. Twelve pertinent points on moving with the move of God.

CrossFit – Part 7 / Dancing With the Scars
4/16/23 / Closing the “CrossFit” series with this message on the scars pf Jesus, “Dancing with the Scars”. Jesus redeemed every other part of our fallen nature, but what about the scars we bear? Being in all points tempted as we, He also carries our scars.

CrossFit – Part 6 / Cross-Belief
4/9/23 / A special Resurrection Sunday message on the evidential history of Christ’s resurrection, the hoax perpetrated by the Chief priests, the heresy of Easter/Ishtar/Astarte worship, the hope of Jesus’ resurrection and the happiness that should result.

CrossFit – Part 5 / Crossed Out or Cursed Out?
4/2/23 / Christ has redeemed us from the law being made a curse for us (Gal 3:13). In this message Kris shares the main problems from which we have been redeemed, sin, poverty, disease, fear and more.

CrossFit – Part 4 / Running Cross-Grain
3/26/23 / The believer runs cross-grain to the world, the flesh and the devil. The cross of Christ is the dividing line. First identification with the cross, then application, participation and consecration.

What a Mighty God We Serve / Todd Johnson
3/26/23 PM / Pastor Todd Johnson walks through Isaiah 40, one of the great chapters of the Bible, expounding the awesomeness of our God. Preached at HouseAfire revival night, YES! Church

A Little “Might” Goes a Long Way
3/14/23 – Sue Ann O’Neal Clark shares about the widow’s two mites. Little is much when God is in it. Our little mite carries some heavy “might”. Spoken at Oh Yes I Can! women’s luncheon.

CrossFit – Part 2 / Jesus Crossed My Path
3/12/23 / Jesus CROSSED my path one day! We are seeking to create a Cross-Culture, a culture that looks at others through the lens of the cross. This message walks through eight points of the stark reality of the cross of Christ, from Gethsemane to Golgotha.

CrossFit – Part 1 / Kris’ Cross
3/5/23 / The text for this series is Galatians 6:14. There are three cross, one man dies for sin, one to sin, and one in sin. You are at the crossroad, need sins crossed out, then to take up the cross, let Jesus cross your mind, then prepare to cross over. The focus of Christianity is the cross.

Pastor Todd Johnson walks through Isaiah 40, one of the great chapters of the Bible, expounding the awesomeness of our God. Preached at HouseAfire revival night, YES! Church

Mountain-Moving Faith
2/26/23 PM / A mountain isn’t figured by size but rather the amount of fear it produces. Satan puts mountains in our way to intimidate and frustrate. Learn how to move your mountain. A big mountain requires an even bigger mouth. I command, mountain move!

Dry Bones
2/26/23 AM / Antonya Robinson speaks from Ezekiel 37 on the valley of dry bones, breaking the passage down word-by-word.

The Lid’s Coming Off in Revival
2/19/23 / Praise God for the move of God at Asbury! We embrace God’s outpourings. Some things to consider: don’t choose sides, don’t make comparisons, don’t pass judgments, don’t idolize moves, etc. Learning to adapt old skins to new wine. Prepare to stretch!

What’s Love Got to Do With It? / Valentine Day service
2/14/23 / “Oh Yes I Can!” women invited their men to the 2023 Valentine banquet. Sami Johnson leading worship, Tom Lovato, Bud & Lynda Lynn singing specials, Pastors Kris & Tricia sharing “Top Ten Love Songs”.

The Lid’s Coming Off Our Love
2/12/23 / In this message Pastor Kris shares of divine love made, love marred, love modeled and love mirrored. Adam was created a love machine, a machine only operates right when operating for its intended purpose. We are to love, we are love.

The Lid’s Coming Off Our Dreams
2/5/23 / The Lid is Coming Off! series, in this message, off our dreams. Walking through the life of Joseph, his dreams and destiny. Dare to dream, wear the dream, bear the dream, etc.

Present Power
1/22/23 PM / Get ready for a divine shock of power! Luke 5:17 says “the power of the Lord was present to heal”. We look at the divine power source, supply, switch and surge. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead flows through the church, God’s “power station”.

The Lid’s Coming Off Our Faith
1/22/23 AM / This message on “their faith”, from the story of the man let down through the tiling on his couch. God’s fearsome foursome brought another to Jesus.

The Lid’s Coming Off Our Praise
1/15/23 / When Paul and Silas praised God at midnight stocks and jail cell doors popped off and open throughout the cell block. Praise will knock the roof off. Learn the power of praise.

What are Your Seeking?
1/10/23 / Pastor Patricia Jackson asking “What are You Seeking?” at Oh Yes I Can! Ladies Luncheon.

The Lid’s Coming Off Our Giving
1/8/23 / 2023 is the year the lid’s coming off at YES! Church. In this message the lid is coming off our giving and finance. God is a limitless God. Study the lid coming off for Isaac, Moses, the Shunemite Woman, the Lad with five loaves, and Peter with the boat-sinking catch.

D-Day / Declaration Day
1/1/23 / Preaching on a bunch of “D” words, at the end, sharing our Faith Declaration over our church and people for the New Year. Desire, define, declare, demand, deploy, determine, etc.

Miracle Birth
12/25/22 / Christ is born! Kris shares seven points on the mystery, mockery, majesty, ministry, mastery, melody and monarchy revealed in the Christmas story. God was manifest in the flesh!

When It’s Hard to Say Thanks, It Helps to Give Thanks
12/4/22 / Take a verse-by-verse journey through the peril of the Euroclydon storm in Acts 27 and see how Paul coped with what appeared a hopeless situation. It was no time to SAY thanks, but Paul chose to GIVE thanks.

It’s Supernatural!
11/27/22 / Everything about Jesus was supernatural. He came to create a supernatural people. There is a super-life, super-achievers, super-animated, super-spreaders, a super-humanity with super-powers. Welcome to the supernatural life!

What is “Church”?
11/20/22 / A 12-point study of Hebrews 12:22-24, on two churches, the church in the wilderness at Mt. Sinai and the church in the heavenlies at Mt. Sion. The church is physical, mystical, tactical, biblical, radical and more.

Come and Get It!
11/13/22 / Ten exciting, igniting motivational points on how to get “it” whatever your “it” may be. “It” is finished (John 19:30). “Be that you receive it and you shall have it” (Mark 11:24 ESV).

Grief & Beyond
11/8/22 / Tricia Jackson shares with “Oh Yes I Can!” women valuable advice and personal experience on overcoming grief and the sorrow of various kinds of loss.

Reawaken America
11/6/22 / We’ve had two great awakening in America. The third awakening will be a rude awakening. Kris shares twelve key issues that affect the direction of the country. This is a call to an everyday lifestyle, not just a once every two or four-year vote.

10/30/22 / We need a downpour! Pastor Kris teaches on the outpouring and ingathering before the uptaking. A study on the early and latter rain. We are not sign-seekers but we are storm-chasers and want to live in the midst of the rain storm.

10/23/22 / Kris has coined a new term, Uptimism, always expecting an upgrade, uptick, and the upside in life. Ten points, look up, lighten up, link up, etc. Powerful inspiration and motivation.

Power of a 21-Day Fast
10/16/22 / Building on Daniel 10:3 & 12, Kris teaches on the power of a Daniel fast and lays down ten areas of need in the local body and nation for revival praying.

Redeeming the Time – Ladies Luncheon
10/11/22 / India-born Sarah George shares the word to “Oh Yes I Can!” Women in Malayalam dress.

Your Adversary the Devil – Part 6
10/2/22 / Driving Legion from the Region. Jesus delivered the madman of Gadara and shut down the hog business, because revival always deals with the pig problem. Why do people prefer pork to Pentecost? More important teaching on biblical demonology.

Consequence of Words
9/25/22 PM / The angel told Daniel, “I am come in consequence of your words” (Daniel 10:12). Angels hearken to the voice of His spoken word (Psalm 103:20). Words of petition, profession, praise, etc. The Word Works!

Your Adversary the Devil – Part 5
9/25/22 AM / Even the Devils Believe and Tremble. James 2:19 says demons believe and shudder with fear. Kris points out that they do so because of their indisputable past, their incontestable present (defeat), and their inescapable future. Hell is made for the devil and his angels.

Your Adversary the Devil – Part 4
9/18/22 / When the Devil Goes House-Hunting. Looking at twelve different ways in which doors are opened for the enemy to return to what he calls “my house” Matthew 12:44).

9/13/22 / Antonya Robinson speaks to “Oh Yes I Can!” ladies group on Nomi in the Book of Ruth. Antonya is a gifted singer and preacher of the word

Your Adversary the Devil – Part 3
9/11/22 / Four Faces of Evil, looks at the four revelations of satanic attack in the Old Testament, against Eve, Job David and Joshua the priest. This really unmasks your spiritual enemy.

Your Adversary the Devil – Part 2
9/4/22 / Victory over temptations. Kris walks through ten points drawn from Matthew 4:1-10 on the battle over temptation. You will see slants on the psyche of Christ thru Satan’s subtle then bold-faced assaults on Jesus’ flesh, mind and spirit.

Your Adversary the Devil – Part 1
8/28/22 / The Devil is Bad News but I’ve Got Good News! An exposition on 1 Peter 5:8. His devices are exposed, his dominion is limited. Tons of scripture on our ultimate victory.

Potter’s Process – Part 2
8/21/22 / Looking at twelve points in this series, first in the process of molding the clay vessel is the selecting, then the smashing, sifting and spinning, on the spinning wheel. The Master Potter prepares select clay and isolates it to find its true character.

Potter’s Process – Part 1
8/14/22 / Looking at ten points in this series, first in the process of molding the clay vessel is the selecting, then the smashing, sifting and spinning, on the spinning wheel. The Master Potter prepares select clay and isolates it to find its true character.

Tabernacle – Part 11
8/7/22 / There is a Judgment Seat, the brazen altar, and a Mercy Seat, that rests on the Ark in the Holy of Holies. The Mercy Seat perfectly meets the dimension of the Ark. It covers or propitiates what lies beneath. God speaks from above the Mercy Seat to those who bow beneath it.

Tabernacle – Part 10
7/31/22 / Moving now to the Holy Veil that screens the Holy of Holies, then Part 1 on the Ark of the Covenant. Each step brings the worshiper nearer the glory. Amazing revelations from Moses’ Tabernacle.

“Good” Looking People
7/24/22 PM / Learn to change your outlook into uplook in this message on faith and vision. The eye doctor shot laser holes in my eye, others have shot holes in my attitude. But the surgery works wonders! Tweak your vision

Tabernacle – Part 9
7/24/22 /We arrive now at the Golden Altar or the Altar of Incense, symbolic of our prayers and intercession, praise and worship. Kris walks through fifteen vital points regarding the ingredients of powerful worship.

Tabernacle – Part 8
7/17/22 / Studying the curtains, covers, cords and colors of the mishkan, over the tabernacle structure. The four covers speak of various works of Christ on the cross. He has us covered!

Tabernacle – Part 7
7/10/22 / The glory of God is hidden behind the walls of the Tabernacle or the tent of meeting. This message illuminates the structure of the boards, the bases and the bars that made up the housing of the Tabernacle. All symbolize various aspects of ministry as seen in Ephesians and 1 Corinthians.

Tabernacle – Part 6
7/3/22 / At last we reach the Golden Lamp Stand, the Menorah, to see Christ, the Light of the World, and believers as salt and lights in this world. Some of the most amazing symbolism is found here, the fruit and gifts of the Spirit, the 66 books of the Bible and more.

Tabernacle – Part 5
6/26/22 / More revelation from Moses’ Tabernacle, which is really God’s blueprint and design for today’s church, looking at the inner court, or Holy Place, and the Table of Shewbread. God uses acacia wood and covers it with gold, our twisted, knotted natures, overcome by the work of the Holy Spirit.

Tabernacle – Part 4
6/19/22 / In our journey through the courts of the Lord, this message deals with the laver, door to the inner court and golden table. All have allusions to Christ and His people and prophetic implications regarding law, grace and millennium

Tabernacle – Part 3
6/12/22 PM / In this third part of the Tabernacle Series Pastor Kris explains the burnt offering with its symbolism of our personal crucifixion of self and the flesh. It is a “whole” burnt offering, 100% laid down before the Lord. Paul called this our “reasonable service” (Romans 12:1).

Tabernacle – Part 2
6/12/22 / This series teaches the worship biblical patterns and steps for entering into the presence of God and Holy of holies glory. This message discusses more on outer court realities, justification at the brazen altar and sanctification at the brazen laver.

Tabernacle – Part 1
6/5/22 / Pastor Kris covers the entire gamut of symbolism and typology in the courts, covers, colors, furniture, numbers and so forth of Moses’ Tabernacle. This is his deepest revelation, available also in the accompanying book – see the bookstore page.

The Dominoes are About to Fall
5/29/22 / The god Dagon fell on its face before the Ark of the Covenant. God vindicated His own honor by humiliating the Philistine idol. As Dagon fell other modern-day idols and institutions are about to fall. Prepare for the shaking.

Good Old Fashioned Well Water
5/22/22 / “Spring up O well!” (Numbers 21:17) I loved Grandma’s well water. First there is thirst, “I need a drink!” Then you prime the pump and start pumping. The well then becomes rivers of living water. And in the last days “floods upon the dry ground”.

Here I Stand, I Can Do NO Other!
5/22/22 PM / Pastor David Killingsworth of Resurrection Church, Cassville, MO shares sound theology on grace and justification from Romans, speaking at monthly HouseAfire revival night at YES! Church.

God’s Healing Will, Word & Work
5/15/22 / Matthew chapter eight is the foundation for my biblical philosophy on healing. Three major miracles, dealing with leprosy, paralysis and fever, reveal God’s will, His word and Christ’s work concerning healing.

Prophetic Giftings
5/10/22 / Debra Short shares personal experience on understanding prophetic gifting at “Oh Yes I Can!” Ladies Luncheon

Mama Bear
5/8/22 / Kris & Tricia Jackson take turns walking through Proverbs 31, looking at the Model Mom’s vows, virtues, vision and values. They had a bear in their yard two days prior, so titled the message Mama Bear. We could use some warrior mothers in the church and household today.

How to Get Through What You’re Going Through
4/24/22 / “By faith” is instantaneous miracles, “through faith” receives the miracle in time. Most testimonies come “through faith”, going through trials. Kris looks at Joseph, David, Hezekiah, Job and the Three Hebrew children who walked through the fire but came out with promotion.

April Ladies’ Luncheon – worship and message
4/19/22 / Monthly women’s service at YES! Church, Reeds Spring (Branson West), MO. Sami Straub leading worship, Sue Ann O’Neal Clark special song, Tricia Jackson coordinator, Jeanine Wilson Newsom speaker.

Easter Outfits
4/17/22 / A must see Resurrection Sunday message on ten redemptive outfits that Jesus wore, from the King’s robe and train of Isaiah 6 to the vesture dipped in blood of Revelation 19. If I can just touch His clothes! Touch any of these ten garments of grace and your life will change.

The Lord has Need of You
4/10/22 / The colt in the Triumphal Entry story is symbolic of every believer who carries the King of the kingdom. A promotion is coming from standing tied at the crossroads to palm branches thrown at Messiah’s feet. In Christ you’re in for the ride of your life!

A Mary Heart
4/3/22 / Pastor Kris shares a moving drama of three worshipers with the same name, Mary, or “bitterness”, who turned bitterness into “better”-ness, Mary of Nazareth, Mary of Magdala and Mary of Bethany. One of our best sermons!

Prophecies of the Cross
3/27/22 AM / A powerful study of specific, detailed prophecies concerning Jesus and the cross from David, Isaiah, Zechariah, Amos and others. If history past was so faithfully fulfilled by the Lord, then what about prophecy future? The prophetic scriptures prove the Person and Work of Jesus Christ.

Kingdom Command
3/27/22 PM / Powerful truths on warring in the heavenlies. Kris walks the audience through the believer’s authority and stationing a command center for Kingdom operations in a local church and local area. We are poking holes in the heavenlies.

The Answer for Cancer
3/20/22 / Kris shares seven points from Proverbs 18:14 which speaks of the power of the human spirit to fight physical disease and other battles. We talk of the Big C word, Courage, and that the believer doesn’t need to wait for a good report, we have one (Isaiah 53:1).

Jim Davis Testimony
3/20/22 / A five-time survivor of cancer shares a brief biography of God’s faithfulness. Jim asks the question, “If you only had six months to live, what would you do with your life?”

Reducing the Anxiety Level
3/13/22 / Ten points on being overwhelmed by trouble. Taken from Psalm 61, “when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I”. Is your life. on the Rock or on the rocks? This message is not self-help, but divine help!

Aliyah – The Return
3/13/22 PM – Guest speaker from Tiberius, Israel, Chaim Malespin shares what Aliyah is all about. Chaim hosts the Aliyah Return Center at the Sea of Galilee. He is strategically our first guest at the new YES! 360 complex.

Made to Order – Part 5
3/6/22 / “Made to order” people are, in fact, made to order, to give orders, to order their private world, to order disease, devils, darkness and even death. “Just give the order!” (Luke 7:7 MSG) Ten points today on how to walk in an ordered life and spiritual authority. The out of order can never give orders.

Made to Order – Part 4
2/27/22 / One of the biggest areas in our lives that can get out of order is the marriage and family relationship. This message speaks of “made to order” men, wives, children and grandparents. Kris covers numerous scriptures giving direction and order to the home

Seasoned, Seasoning and Seasons
2/22/22 / Tricia Jackson shares life-applicable thoughts on God’s work of seasoning our lives. Are sweet & salty or is there too much chili powder in the mix? Both bakers and believers can relate. We need to listen to the well-seasoned! Preached at “Oh Yes I Can!” Women

Made to Order – Part 3
2/20/22 / ORDER – Organization, Rank, Design, Efficiency, Rightness
In this third part of the “Made to Order” series Pastor Kris Jackson probes seven areas in our lives that need brought under the order of Christ and His Kingdom. We must master our minds, mature our moods, monitor our minutes and much more. This teaching hits plenty of nerves.

Made to Order – Part 2
2/13/22 / Mastering Your Mind – the second part in our series on setting your life in order. Ten points on how to renew and reprogram right thinking. The madman of Gadara was “clothed, at the feet of Jesus and in his right mind”.

Made to Order – Part 1
2/6/22 / Have things gotten a bit “out of order”?
In this series Pastor Kris looks at divine order from the start, “in the beginning God”, and follows with the Chaos of Satan’s fall and Adam’s fall then His search for a man of order. God’s chief concern is order. If you will come under order, one day you can give the orders!

Full Esteem Ahead! – Part 4
1/30/22 / Our opening message at the new YES! Church building.
Pastor Kris & Tricia share our seven-point assignment as a landing strip, launching pad, city on a hill and more. If you enjoy KJM messages please subscribe

Full Esteem Ahead! – Part 3
1/23/22 / In Part 3 of the series Pastor Kris gives us an “esteem bath”, soaking in what the Bible says about you. Learn how to properly estimate your personal value in Christ. Change is possible. We believe in Re-destination

Full Esteem Ahead! – Part 2
1/9/22 / “How to Fuel the Esteem Engine” – seven applicable points, sight it in, write it down, light it up, etc. What coal is to a steam engine, a goal is to the esteem engine. Tweaking vision with this word

Full Esteem Ahead! – Part 1
1/2/22 / A series on knowing who and Whose you are in God. Believers are “esteem-powered”. Seven vital points on building confidence. You are not held back by who you are but by who you think you aren’t

Fearing for the Worst or Hoping for the Best?
12/26/21 / There are two polar opposite spirits at work today, negative leadership that operates in fear and positive that encourages with hope. You can look down at the mud or look up at the stars. This is especially important while the government prophesies a “dark winter”. We reject that, it is going to be the best winter!

All You Need is One Word from God
12/19/21 PM / Mary said, “Be it to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38), or “your rhema”. All you need is one seed, one word, one rhema to change your life. But the “word became flesh”, it manifested, materialized, was birthed. Ten steps to manifesting the word in your life

First New Testament Worship Service
12/19/21 AM / The Magi’s worship of the Christ child is the model, template and prototype for all New Testament worship. They told Herod, “We have come to worship him”. This message gives the nuts and bolts of true worship. Not just a Christmas story, but a deep revelation

Birthing the Promises – Tricia Jackson
Join Pastor Tricia as she expounds from Hebrews then walks us through the birthing process on “Birthing the Promises12/12/21 PM / “You have the seed of a vision within but it must develop and your Word must be “made flesh”, or manifested in due season

Faith Book – Part 1
Get your face out of Facebook, get your face into the Faith Book! Learn the definition of faith from Hebrews 11:1 broken into the Season, Source, Size, Sight of Faith, and much more. One verse gives the explanation, the next 39 verses give the expression and experience

Faith Book – Part 2
The Bible is our Faith Book. Do you have an account? This message looks at seven proofs of expectant faith. If you believe the answer is on the way, you would get excited about it, your tell others, and you would make provision for the answer. Faith-building material

Faith Book – Part 3
Will Christ find faith on the earth when He comes? (Luke 18:8)
This message deals with End-Time faith, a faith that persists and stands amid persecution when the antichrist system seeks to make you fatigue, frustrate and fold. Kris looks at seven Old Testament portraits of End-Time faith

Faith Book – Part 4
A Step of Faith! We could also call the story of Jesus Walking On Water the WOW! Factor. As Jesus walked we are to walk and He walked on top of circumstances. What is over our heads is under His heals. A companion message to Kris’ book “Think Outside the Boat”. Get ready to get your feet we

Faith Book – Part 5
In this fifth session from the Faith Book series Pastor Kris speaks on Corporate Faith, the power of group faith. Mark speaks of “thy faith” (Mark 5:34) and “their faith” (Mark 2:5). If individual faith is good, corporate faith is better. From the story of the four men that “tore the roof off” to get the palsied man to Jesus

Faith Book – Part 6
Are you “faithing” it?Faith is action, if it does not have corresponding action, it is dead. In the story of the woman with the issue of blood, we look at seven faith verbs. She suffered, she heard, she came, she touched, etc. Then she “felt” in her body that she was healed. The Christian life is better felt than tel’t!

This Book
Do you love God’s word? Learn from Deuteronomy about the written word that was placed at the side of the Ark of the Covenant containing the Unbroken Law. We must meet the Book, mind the Book, master the Book and more

Be Healed – Part 1
In this series the viewer will learn numerous keys, scriptural promises, Bible principles and testimonies of divine healing from both the Old and New Testaments. Kris says, “Though you can’t deny it, you must defy it!” Jesus defied sun and its twin sister sickness at every turn

Be Healed – Part 2
Do you want to know more about scriptural healing? In the “Be Healed” series Kris Jackson walks you through numerous crystal-clear, faith-building principles, that will help you know and love Jesus Christ MD, Jehovah-rapha, our Healer. This message deals with healing under the Old Covenant.

Be Healed! – Part 3
The “Be Healed” series continues with more Old Testament healings, Naaman, who was told to go jump in a lake, Job, who got back double for his trouble, and more powerful principles on healing.

Be Healed – Part 4
More insightful Biblical truths regarding healing. If Jesus took it, you don’t have to take it. He took our shame, our sin, our sickness, so you need to say, “I’m can’t take anymore”. We are here to operate, your job in healing is to co-operate. Together we can touch heaven

Be Healed! – Part 5
Healing continues through out the Church Age. Jesus is seated as Administrator of the New Covenant, at the right hand of God, confirming His word with signs following. Every person He commanded to preach, He also empowered to heal.

Be Healed! – Part 6
The final of seven messages on divine healing, “Be Healed!” – Part 6. This message looks at why Jesus Christ, Jehovah-Rapha is my “primary” caregiver. We look at His credentials, His cost, His case record and much more

The Choice and the Chase
This message follows Elisha’s journey to the double portion power of God. Elijah cast his mantle on Elisha (the Choice) then Elisha pursued the man of God until he got what he wanted (the Chase). An Old Testament picture of Pentecostal Power

One Day = 1,000 Years
Peter noted that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years. In this message Pastor and Evangelist Kris Jackson lays out a clear picture of God’s 7-day week ending in the Second Coming of Christ, and numerous scriptures on the Third Day Mystery

The Final World Order
We are cascading into a new world system. Pastor and evangelist Kris Jackson shares twenty points along the pathway to the final world totalitarian government. His closing point, “If Jesus doesn’t come back to earth, there won’t be an earth to come back to”. Walk through the prophetic scriptures and connect the dots.

Elisha’s Cot
Watch this vital message concerning the salvation of your family! Salvation is for you “and your house” (Acts 16:31). Remember the Shunemite woman’s son was raised from the dead, metaphorical of what God wants to do with dead dreams, dead marriages and spiritually dead children. Twelve powerful points followed by scriptural promises for the home.

Watch Your Mouth – Part 1
From the author of “Give Yourself a Good Talking To”, more vital scripture and comment on the power of the tongue, biblical authority and speaking the word – only! Believers must bridle their mouths for the mouth conditions the mind

Watch Your Mouth – Part 2
In this series Pastor Kris Jackson details scripture on the power of our words. If you want to start it, state it. If you want to spark it, speak it. If you want to see it, decree it. And more. Everything starts with a word. Worlds are framed by our words. What kind of world do you want?

Watch Your Mouth! – Part 3
In this message Kris shares the power of the tongue, creative power, curative power, combative power, etc. The created order is upheld by the power of the word. Surely God can uphold your world by His word. Valuable information on spiritual authority

Watch Your Mouth! – Part 4
Everyone viewing today needs an oral exam. With a tongue depressor a doctor can diagnose the diseases of the body and a preacher can diagnose the diseases of the soul. A bunch of powerful points, issue you own gag orders, get vaccinated for foot in mouth disease, don’t just talk it, walk it, and much more

Watch Your Mouth! – Part 5
This message addresses “Power Words”. If power words make a difference in the corporate world, how much more, words spoken under the authority of Christ and power of the Spirit! Ten more powerful points on the tongue.

Watch Your Mouth! – Part 6
In this final message of the “Watch Your Mouth!” series, Pastor Kris walks thru Proverbs cataloguing the sins of the tongue. We are quick to identify sensual sins, like drunkenness and fornication, but slow to recognize social sins like gossip, backbiting and backstabbing. This will make you self-examine

You’re In The Army Now!
Pastor and Evangelist Kris Jackson shares fifteen insights on how a child of God relates to the American soldier (2 Timothy 2:3,4). These are must-know basics (Basic Training) for anyone ready to go to war for the Kingdom. One of our best messages.

Joshua Generation – Part 1
How long are you slack to go possess the land? (Joshua 18:3) It is time to enter the Promise Land. Amazing revelation on all aspects of the life of Joshua/Yeshua. Looking at Joshua as Servant, Leader, Preacher and General. You will learn a bunch!

Joshua Generation – Part 2
Powerful revelatory teaching on the Book of Joshua, looking at the believer’s three biggest battles, sin, strongholds and self. Once those are dealt with then we can deal with society and not until. At last Joshua defeats 31 kings, 31 days in a month, a victory a day!

Luke On Prayer
Walk with Pastor Kris, expounding most all the verses on prayer that are unique to the Gospel of Luke. Luke was the beloved physician and he found the key to healing and deliverance in the life of Jesus Christ, MD. That key was prayer and the anointing.

Without a Doubt
Believe your beliefs and doubts your doubts! When in doubt, don’t! Ten powerful points on living above the crippling power of doubt. Kick the IMP out of IMPossible and step out of the boat on the concrete of the Word. Speak the word only. Nip doubt in the bud. Quit thinking so much. And more.

Apostolic Fatherhood
A Father’s Day message that honors the Heavenly Father, the father in the home but also the spiritual Dad in a church or ministry. The kingdom is perpetuated by father/son relationships. The Dad inspects, corrects and directs. God is sending an Elijah spirit that will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children. The anointing always pours on the head first.

Say Yes to the Dress – Tricia Jackson
YES! Church Women’s Luncheon. Tricia relates her own wedding dress to revelation on Christ and the Bride. Every wrinkle must be ironed out with the hot iron of His judgment, and every spot washed white in the blood of the Lamb.

Acts 2 – Pentecost Sunday
Pastor Kris and five other HouseAfire preachers share verse-by-verse thoughts and experiences on Acts 2 and the Day of Pentecost. HouseAfire is a local watering hole once-a-month revival ministry at YES! Church.

Why the Holy Spirit? – Part 1
Day of Pentecost message on the Holy Spirit. Seven points/ He Vivifies, Unifies, Sanctifies, etc. Learn the Person, ministry and various workings of God, the Spirit. From YES! Church, Branson West, MO

Why the Holy Spirit? – Part 2
Learn more about the “After-Effects” of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. There is enduement, endearment, enjoyment, engagement and enforcement. This message is based on the Spirit in the life of King David.

Why the Holy Spirit? – Part 3
The Holy Spirit is an informer, instructor, inspirer, incubator and much more. Ten powerful points on the inner working of the Spirit of God. Every believer needs the power of the Spirit in their lives

Why the Holy Spirit? – Part 4
In this message Pastor and Evangelist Kris Jackson details the five basic symbols of the Holy Spirit from the writings of the Apostle John: water, dove, oil, fire and wind. Each has special application to the work of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life.

You Asked for It (Now You’re Gonna Get It!) – Part 1
Four message series on the power of asking. “Ask of me and I will give you the nations for your inheritance…” (Psalm 2:8) This series covers all aspects of petition and approaching God in faith to receive. You have not because you ask not.

You Asked for It (Now You’re Gonna Get It!) – Part 2
Part two of a four-message series on the power of asking. Ask and “it” shall be given you, whatever “it” might be. This series covers lots of bases on the subject of petition in prayer.

You Asked for It (Now You’re Gonna Get It!) – Part 3
Part three of a four message series on the power of asking, preached at YES! Church. If asking pleases God then asking big praises God.

You Asked for It (Now You’re Gonna Get It!) – Part 4
Your wish is my command, says the Lord in Isaiah 45:11 and John 15:7. Not that we can “command” God, but He does respond to our executive authority to bind and loose in the earth realm. More valuable teaching on petition and prayer from YES! Church

Resurrection Power – Part 1
Resurrection Sundays are for resurrection power. God is a power source or power supply. Prayer is a power switch. The church is intended to be a power station. In this power-packed message Kris dissects Ephesians 1:18-22 and positions the believer in Christ at the right hand of all power. Preached at YES! Church

Resurrection Power – Part 2
A message on “the mighty power of God” wrought in Christ when God raised Him from the dead (Eph 1:19,20). Kris looks at the words dunamis, energia, ischus and kratos and outlines the victorious resurrection life available to every believer. Seven detailed points on spiritual power.

A Fresh Anointing
Several key points on the anointing of the Holy Spirit – It is better caught than taught/ If you want an outpouring, try pouring out/ and many more powerful thoughts. From one of our HouseAfire nights at YES! Church, Branson West, MO

At YES! Church we say “Yes, Lord” upward and “Yes, Friend” outward. The gospel is upward and outward, theological and sociological. Jesus said we are to “do unto others”. In this acrostic message we are taught to be Open to others, Touch others, Honor others, etc.

Forward March!
“Speak to the people that they go forward” (Exodus 14:15) In this acrostic message Kris shows how to “fast forward” your way to the place you desire to be in God and in life. F is for Focus, O is for Optimism, R is for Relationships and so on. A Sunday morning sermons from YES! Church



Healing Made Easy
Kris speaking at New Life International Assembly of God in Bangalore, India where around 300 came to Christ along with numerous healings. Ravi Mani is pastor of this powerful church

A Church of Under-Shepherds
“I will give them pastors according to my heart…” (Jer 3:15) This message paints a clear picture of the gifts, calling, mission, burden and enemies of a pastor, or spiritual shepherd. Kris offers exposition on most of the biblical texts regarding pastors and applies them to under-shepherds whom God is raising up to assist in the pastoral work.

Acts Chapter Two
A Day of Pentecost message, walking through Acts chapter two, dealing with unity, spiritual illumination, numerical increase and more.

Another One Bites the Dust!
The snake was cursed to slither in the dust on his belly (Gen 3:14). Instruction on how to bring down principalities and powers and put the enemy under your feet.

Kill the Bull!
Anyone like Leviticus? Applying the symbolism of the burnt offering to our consecration as “living sacrifices”. Moses demanded that we “kill the bull”, whether the literal bullock or the “bull” in our own lives.

Mountain Move!
Sometimes we ignore the mountain and drive around it, others we scale it or tunnel through, but Christ teaches us how to command it to move. This message defines several Greek words dealing with Mountain Moving Faith.

Noah’s Day, Our Day
As the days of Noah were, so shall be the coming of Christ. Learn the parallels between the former age and our own.

The Calm Psalm
Kris walks verse-by-verse through Psalm 91 on how to maintain a calm spirit. Prioritize, personalize, positivize, etc. Claim this psalm in times of pandemic, catastrophe and social unrest. In Christ the rest is better because He’s better than the rest!

WOW Factor (Walking On Water)
Excuse makers are in the boat, history makers are out on the waves. Learn how to walk in faith in this powerful message from the old familiar story of Peter walking on water.

Praise Priority
An exciting exposition of Psalm 47. Praise precedes, predicts, prevails, preserves, etc. Everything runs smoother with praise.




Proverbs: Habits of Highly “Defective” People – Part 1
You’ve heard of Covey’s book about highly “effective” people? This series ideals with highly “defective” people. Solomon spoke a lot about fools and foolishness. Verse-by-verse commentary on Proverbs

Proverbs: Habits of Highly “Defective” People – Part 2
This teaching walks verse-by-verse through the wisdom nuggets of King Solomon. Every verse X-rays the heart, motives, actions and behavior. Author and Bible Teacher Kris Jackson lays out these ancient truths in a systematic easy to understand way. We all have habits of “highly defective people”

Proverbs: Habits of Highly “Defective” People – Part 3
We are learning how to be smart and not foolish or “defective” as we navigate through the chapters of Proverbs. Highly “defective” people are poor judges of character, they haven’t learned that when you snooze you lose, and more. Pastor Kris draws tons of principles for successful living from Solomon’s one-liners

Proverbs: Habits of Highly “Defective” People – Part 4
Pastor Kris looks at “wisdom through the window” from Proverbs chapters 7-9. Defective people leap before they look, they are easily flattered, they aren’t looking for the soon return of Christ, and much more. Odds and ends on wisdom for daily living

Proverbs: Habits of Highly “Defective”People – Part 5
Continuing in Chapters 10 and 11 of Proverbs, verse-by-verse practical, life applicable teaching

Proverbs: Habits of Highly “Defective” People – Part 6
The hearts of the Book of Proverbs is a long string of wisdom nuggets, aphorisms and comparisons between the wise and the foolish. In this lesson we simply wade verse-by-verse through Solomon’s thoughts and draw practical truths for our own walks

Proverbs: Habits of Highly “Defective People – Part 7
Just walking verse-by-verse thru chapters 14-16 of Proverbs, looking at some of the foolish things we do, as well as advice on sound conduct


In this seven part series Pastor and Evangelist Kris Jackson slowly journeys verse-by-verse through the prophetic epistle of Jude, looking at the book of history, mystery and prophecy. Part one is introductory observations from verses 1-4.

There was the Acts of the Apostles at the beginning of the church age and the acts of the apostates at the end. Kris walks the listener through predominant false doctrines in the Last Days and what it means to contend for the faith once delivered.

This series is a verse-be-verse audio walk through the short epistle of Jude – “Hey Jude!” – with insight into Last Days church apostasy, signs of the times, contending fir the faith and portraits of the current church. Commentary on most every word in the epistle by Dr. Kris Jackson, pastor/teacher at YES! Church, Branson West, MO

The three main attacks against the church and ministry are outlined in Jude verse 11 – Cain/ jealousy, Balaam/ covetousness, and Korah/ rebellion. We have to beware these demon powers.

Jude spoke of “spots in your feasts of charity”. This message exposes sins in the clergy, “Ring Around the Clerical Collar”. Those dirty rings! The Last Days apostasy occurs in the ministry. As goes the priest so goes the people.

According to Jude there are two pronounced church movements at the time of the end, the apostolic church and the apostate church, the wheat and the tares, the Truce vine and the vine of the earth, the saints and the ain’ts.

On the opposite side of the Last Days apostate church is a strong, militant, Spirit-filled, apostolic church. Jude does not close in despair but rejoices in the keeping power of God. If this series has blessed you, please comment.

SHORT DEVOTIONAL VIDEOS (Thru the Prism of Krism)

From 5 to 13-minute mini-video series
New Prism posts can be accessed daily @

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” series – Lesson 1 MY SON THE KING (Prov 31:1-9). Relational, pastoral, comedic, instuctional back-and-forth between Kris and Trish, looking at the Proverbs 31 woman. But there will be plenty of material here for husbands and sons as well. 10-13 minute teachings.

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 2
He who finds a wife find a good thing (Prov 18:22). What to look for in a wife. A good wife is a great favor from the Lord. Let us know if you like our new relaxed teaching style. We need traffic – like, comment, share!

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 3
We look at two symbolisms for wives, a rib and a vine. As a rib she has structure and protects the heart. As vine she tangles herself in every area of the home. Her children are like olive plants, producing the anointing (Psa 128).

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 4
“Working Woman” is a misnomer because that’s all women usually do is work, breakfast to bedtime. The Proverbs 31 woman rises before sunlight and watches well to the ways of her household (a householder holds the house together).

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 5
1 Tim 5:14 says a wife should guide or manage the home, oikodespotes – she is a “house despot”, governing within the home. Tricia parodies despot housewives with “Desperate Housewives”. Learn about a wife’s authority.

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 6
Solomon said the Model Mom perceives things (Prov 31:18). Her lamp never goes out, or her spiritual perceptivity (Prov 20:27). His lamp is out as soon as he hits the bed, she is awake in the Spirit thru the night.

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 7
She is not afraid of snow for her household (Prov 31:21). Come a blizzard, she takes all things in stride and knows Who holds tomorrow. Let us know if you are enjoying this vital marriage and family series.

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 8
1 Peter 3:7 says the wife is the weaker vessel, certainly not morally, spiritually or academically. She is weaker as in fine china being more fragile than a Thermos jug. Each partner has a function.

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 9
The Proverbs 31 model’s children are “clothed with scarlet”, symbolic of the cleansing blood of Christ. She pleads Calvary’s finished work over them. Salvation is for the whole house. Plead the blood!

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 10
The Model Mom ministers to her husband (vs 11), her household (vs 21), then herself (vs 22). We are to be sacrificial but not totally without self. Pamper yourself on occasion. Because the husband just “sits” in the gate!

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 11
In the motherly instinct of putting everyone ahead of her, she often loses herself in the process. Ladies need to find their rightful place and purpose, we know that place is at Jesus’ feet, in faith and humility.

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 12
Her husband is known in the gates – the gates of the city as a civic leader and the gates of hell as a spiritual warrior. This message shows that the dad, husband and man of God is to walk in spiritual authority.

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 13
Dealing today with how a wife projects herself through her family, dresses in honor, and has a confident faith in the future. NIV says “she smiles at the future”. All will be well!

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 14
“She opens her mouth…” Many problems would be solved by watching our mouths. She opens it with wisdom, not haste, not criticism. She obeys the law of kindness. We don’t break the law, the law breaks us!

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 15
“She looks well to the ways of her house”. She sees. things men fail to see, perceptive, intuitive. Nothing gets past Mom. She refuses to eat the bread of idleness (Twinkies!). Idleness leads to gossip then being a busybody.

“If Mama Ain’t Happy…” – Lesson 16
Solomon is passing down to his daughter the very words learned from his mother. He said she “excels them all”. Your wife or daughter must be number one in your life, fairest of them all. Learn to compliment and praise.

TERMS OF THE CROSS – Lesson 1 – “Terminology of Theology”. DO NOT think you are too advanced for this series! Learning the basics of biblical terminology, all key to good theology. But this new language won’t help without an accompanying new life. Receive both!

“Little Four Letter Words”. Theme verse for this series, Christ is “come to seek and to save that which is lost” (Luke 19:10). A mouthful of 4-letter words! You’ll never know His loveliness until you know your lostness.

“Natural Born Killers”. Looking at seven words – a sinner’s stature, nature, future, etc. You can tell what you ARE by what you DO. Nature is proven by venture. Thank God for the juncture, the turning point, the Cross!

“Good at Sinning”. 7 points on “sin”, defined, defamed, defeated, defected from, etc. You need to defect, like someone escaping the tyranny of a slave state. No more excuses. Employ the fight or flight mechanism.

“Alright, We’re Going to the Doctor”. Thousands of American men die every year of stubbornness. They refuse to see the doctor. Dr. Law gives the diagnosis and the MRI isn’t very good. But Dr. Grace trades His antibodies for our virus. Good news!

“Grace for Every Case”. In grace, Jesus takes our place. Our chance outside grace? Not a trace. There’s grace for every case. Grace is a license to drive, it is not a license to sin. At last, grace will take us to outer space, heaven!

“And That’s Gospel!” Gospel preachers need to get back to preaching the gospel. Four “Gospels” but only one Gospel. It is the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, and more – every good thing purchased for us at the Cross.

“The Substitute”. Studying the substitutionary work of Christ on the Cross. One man died IN sin, one TO sin, but Jesus died FOR sin. He took our place, died in our stead, and tipped the scales of divine justice “in our favor”. That’s grace!

“Repaint, Ye Thinners!” “Repent or else!” said Christ to the church. To repent takes you back to the highest point. Have you ever been closer to God? Then get back to that acme point. Come clear with God by coming clean with God.

“The Blood Shed, the Blood Pled”. Propitiation appeases divine justice and reconciles God and man through the death of Christ on the Cross. The Victim is the Victor. The Judgment Seat is the Mercy Seat. The Blood shed is now blood pled.

“The Go-Between”. Christ hung between two thieves, He intercedes between us and Heaven, He is the escort that leads His people to God. Today, learn truths about the greatest arbitration case in history, the Cross.

“Just As If I’d”. Justification is a legal term, it sets the repentant believer in right standing with God, absolving guilt and imputing Christ’s righteousness. To be justified leaves one “just as if I’d” never sinned. That’s peace (Rom 5:1).

“Up for Adoption”. All Gentiles were “illegal aliens” (Eph 2:12), but faith in Christ grants adoption into the family of God and positions strangers as natural born sons, with full right to the Father’s love, blessing and inheritance.

“The At-One-Ment”. In the atonement we are made “at-one” with heaven. The feud stops at Calvary, men are made right with God and with each other. Christ’s blood satisfies justice and brings peace (Rom 5:1) and joy (Rom 5:11) to the heart.

“The Best Version: Conversion”. The first step toward discipleship is conversion. FROM darkness TO light. Remember, we are commissioned to make disciples, not just make converts. And converts should not be introverts. Get bold!

“The Great Exchange: Imputation”. I gave Him my old tattered garment; He gave me a robe of pure white. Today, learn about imputation and impartation. He gets our ugliness, we get His beauty. Heaven’s funds were transferred at the cross.

“SIN-onyms”. Today, learn 12 terms regarding missing the mark with God, “sin”-onyms. These deal with moral corruptness, crookedness, running afoul of the law, ignoring trespass signs and so forth. Calvary erases every trespass.

“Regeneration”. You must be born again! (John 3:7) Seven points on being born into the family of God. We must be regenerate because we were so degenerate! Christ bridges our depravity, deadness and distance through the cross.

“New Birth, New Worth”. New birth gives a new belonging (the Family of God) and a new business (freedom from sin). The choice is second birth or the second death (Rev 2:11). Great news, you get a second chance in the second birth!

Calvary alone makes man right with God. To reconcile a wristwatch means to adjust it to a true standard. Christ’s righteousness is the standard. But the rightness must be horizontal as well as vertical, manward and Godward.

Join the Righteous Brothers group today; receive Christ! You become Mr. Right (or Mizz) when you get right. When all is right (alright) then you have all His rights and reign in life (Rom 5:17). Align to His standard or right.

Christ gave Himself a ransom for our sins. We are bought with the precious blood of Christ! But ransom is not enough, there must be riddance. He is soon to return to rid us from the enemy’s hand. Look up!

The church’s sole business is the soul business. When the ump calls “safe” you’re in for the winning run. This final “term of the cross” message defines salvation and closes with the simple ABCs of salvation.

HIM – Lesson 1 (9 messages) Series on Jesus Christ/ “Him”. Couldn’t find a text so I preached from the Bible’s Table of Contents, ha! These messages recorded at HIM (Harvest Int’l Ministries) about Him. O come let us adore Him! It’s all about Him. We need Jesus, only

HIM – Lesson 2
Learn of the Person and Power of Christ. Nothing is more vital. This message walks through names of Christ from Genesis to Revelation. The scriptures testify of Jesus (John 5:39).

HIM – Lesson 3
The Son of God became the Son of Man so that sons of men can become sons of God. Without the virgin birth faith would collapse like a stack of cards. See that Jesus is eternal God. Salvation requires the perfect Babe.

HIM – Lesson 4
We’ve looked at His birth, now Jesus’ boyhood. Not much is said, other than an episode at the temple as a twelve-year-old. Know who you are on mama’s side, the earthly, but also Father’s side, the heavenly.

HIM – Lesson 5
When the Dove lit on Him, the Devil lit into Him. When God starts blessing the devil starts messing. Jesus’ baptism was a defining moment. Everyone needs a crisis time to get serious about ministry. Be filled with the Spirit!

HIM – Lesson 6
After His baptism and battle came His blessings, people healed, lives transformed. Learn of several interesting, sometimes comical healings performed by the Master. Paralysis, dropsy, deaf-muteness, etc.

HIM – Lesson 7
After the baptism, battles and blessings comes the beating and bleeding. The ultimate reason Jesus came was to shed His blood and die for us. Meet the Sacrifice, the Atonement, the Substitute. Saved by Blood Divine!

HIM – Lesson 8
Jesus walked thru the haunted house of Death and found it not so haunted after all (Heb 2:18). His birth, blessings, betrayal and bloodshed end in breakthrough. The third day is Day One for us. Christ lives!

HIM – Lesson 9
The last step on our journey thru the life of Christ is Breakthrough, or Break Out! The grave couldn’t hold Him, so why does it hold us? We died with Him but also rose and are seated with Him. Step out of the tomb!

WHAT’S RIGHT WITH RICHES – Lesson 1 (12 messages) Series on positive wealth. The love of money is the root of evil, not money itself. Increase is needed to support the Kingdom of God. This series examines both physical and spiritual riches. Please share!

Wealth is given to increase wealth to further the Kingdom. Some wealth is for investment, some for enjoyment and some for employment. John D. Rockefeller gave away $530-million. That’s the “to do” in Well-to-do!

Adopted into the family of God, we become joint-heirs of all that is available, both in the unseen and seen worlds. The gold follows the glory (Hag 2:7-8), so with His presence comes His supernatural provision.

Yes, there are things that are RIGHT with riches, but also several things that are WRONG. The rich young ruler had riches, riches had him, and he was had! Beware the perils. Remember, it’s only paper!

If God is against prosperity as some religion teaches, why all the positives mentioned about this global financial standard? The first verse on the subject says the gold of that land was good (Gen 2:12). Good gold!

In this message a few perils of prosperity are shared. You’ve heard of the deceit of riches, what about he conceit? Many forget where they came from. If God grants wealth you must learn how to handle it.

Learn 10 points on wealth-building from the wisest and richest man in the Bible, King Solomon. Purge the urge to splurge, put first things first, give yourself a pay raise by giving, etc. I recommend taking notes on these!

Harder for the rich to enter the kingdom than a camel to go through a needle’s eye? This is hyperbole but we need to deal with the camel in the room, being a person’s greed. Dealing with perspective and balance.

You can’t place a figure on what constitutes wealth. Sufficiency is what we need to pray for, having the wherewithal to support the kingdom, bless the needy and build a foundation for our families. Read Exo 36:6,7

7 things I’ve learned about God and finance in my 40-year faith-journey. This series is about choosing the Kingdom-system of economics over the world system. There is a King of Salem and King of Sodom, choose.

The biggest mountain most people need removed is the mountain of debt. To get out of debt, get out of doubt. This message parses five “S” words: Source, Sense, Stance, Strategy and Storehouse. Sound advice.

More verses from Proverbs on finances, this time, things that guarantee to make a person go broke, loving pleasure, failing to heed reproof, chasing pie-in-the-sky fantasies, etc. You don’t want to be that guy!

WATCH YOUR MOUTH! – Lesson 1 (21-messages) In this series learn the power of self-talk, positive confession and declaring God’s word. You can be hung by your tongue so the key to success is to watch your mouth. Turn your life around with the bridle (James 3:2,3).

Peter caught a fish with a silver coin in its mouth (Mat 17:27). There’s also a miracle in your mouth, if you can learn to harness the power of your words. “You trying to put words in my mouth?” Yes! Faith words.

Lady with stroke told me she had to teach herself to talk again. Many who think they can talk could use some speech therapy because they speak contrary to the Word. To refine your speech align it with the Word.

Five points on getting control of the tongue. Billy Sunday told lady with a long tongue, “There’s 18-feet of altar, lay it down…” You snared, scared, bared and impaired (but also spared) by the words of your mouth. “How forcible are right words!” (Job 6:25)

The devil fights with razor sharp words, we use the sword of the Spirit (Eph 6:17). Draw it from the scabbard of memory and start slashing your way to victory! Antichrist spirit is defeated by the sword of His mouth; you and me.

We eat from the garden of our words so don’t saying anything you don’t wish to digest. To start it, state it. To spark it, speak. Words are sparks that kindle fires, good or bad. Hear more advice today on taping it shut.

I talk to myself because I like to talk to intelligent people. What kind of dialogue goes on inside you? To go upwards you must speak up words. Small-talk is very big talk. The input decides the output, so talk faith.

This one might raise your dander a bit, walking through verses in Proverbs on sins of the tongue. “A backbiter is a backstabber who has temporarily misplaced his knife” (Tommy Tenney). Haha. Duct tape not included.

In Lesson 8 we looked at negative aspects of the tongue, from Proverbs; today, positive, wholesome, faith-building aspects of our words.

Proverbs 18:21 speaks of the power of the tongue. It can create, heal, ignite, build, battle and etc. Words are LEGO building blocks, for the Greek for “say” is “lego”. Sub to the subatomic is God’s word (Heb 1:3).

Faith is voice-activated (Mark Hankins). Nothing happens in the spiritual world until the word is given. A servant may say, “As you say, sir”. It is similar in the world of words. What you say is often what you get.

Today we walk word-by-word through Ecclesiastes 8:4. Christ is King, His followers are co-regents. The king’s word is law, so declaring God’s word releases power. Use the King’s Keys. Bind. Loose. Extend the scepter!

Look in the mirror day. Watch for the loud mouth, motormouth, potty mouth, etc. Prov 29:11 talks of venting feelings and letting the tongue fly. Peter needed his feet washed because they were always in his mouth.

Today we parse Proverbs 25:11 down into five points. Discover, the right word at the right time brings the right result. Words frame worlds. Words determine identity. So be selective on what you say and speak “in season”. Order “Give Yourself a Good Talking To” on the Bookstore page.

Zechariah opened his mouth in unbelief and was struck mute so he wouldn’t negate God’s purpose with his negative words. Zip it up or you can hang it up. Get your speech in line, you’ll be next in line – for a miracle.

Tell the stars, speak to the mountain, command the sun to stand still, tell a dead man to get up, the world thinks we are crazy on this one, but Jesus talked to inanimate things and so should we. Tell the mountain to go jump in a lake!

One man’s trash is another man’s…pleasure. Do you find pleasure in the misfortune of another? Trash is meant for the landfill, not the news or the church hallway. The worst trash talk is trashing yourself. More duct tape!

Faith verbalizes what it visualizes. God gives the decree in the word, we declare what is said and activate the promise by faith. Again, faith is voice-activated. Learn to prophesy over yourself. Tell it, spell it, sell it!

The Father invites backtalk (if it’s His word). Words are Heaven’s currency. “Take with you words, and turn to the Lord” (Hos 14:2). We need unction and passion but also diction. Angels are armed by God’s spoken word.

Little white lies cause colorblindness. Bend the truth and you’ll need a chiropractor. Stretch it and you can expect a snap-back. Does your version line up with the true version? Watch your mouth for any form of lying.

Wrapping up the series with 10 odds and ends thoughts. You may have to replay to get them anchored in your thinking. If “Watch Your Mouth!” has benefited you, I would sure like to know it. Like, comment, share!

JOSHUA GENERATION – Lesson 1 (11 messages) Please read 1 Cor 7:40. This series is about making accurate, godly judgments in life. We make them every day. Some lead to profit, some to disaster. Making a judgment is not passing judgment. God alone is judge.

The proof of maturity is making sound, biblical, Spirit-led judgments. Knowing right from wrong is a judgment call. The PC crowd despises the JC crowd because we draw lines. Start with introspection – judge yourself.

Today we look at 6 “P” words that warp sound judgment, prejudices, presets, preferences, etc. “Judge righteous judgment” (John 7:24). The natural man tends to skew the picture. Tweak the moral compass.

Keep your nose out of it! But what if your gift is sniffing things out? Well, if you have a sensitive nose, don’t also have a talkative tongue. Not everything discerned needs divulged. Don’t use your instinct to raise a stink!

If you must judge look for character, not charisma. Man looks on the external, God looks on the heart. We can’t see what He sees or know what He knows. Look for the best and you may not notice the worst.

Saul said, “I forced myself” (1 Sam 13:12). The flesh will override the sound judgment of the spirit if you force the issue. This message asks 7 questions that define good judgment. Erring in any point guarantees failure.

In this message we diagnose and use tweezers to remove a few “specks”. 1st, do you have an ophthalmology degree? 2nd, is there a beam in your own eye? 3rd, have lots of light before you poke into somebody’s business.

In this message find instruction on how not to judge. Don’t judge by appearance, prematurely, by making unwise comparisons or without having all the facts, etc. Finger-pointing should always point to Jesus.

IN MY JUDGMENT – Lesson 10
Some decisions are already made for us, they are B/W commands from Scripture. But there are also gray areas not so easily defined. The Spirit teaches wisdom in such times. With His insight, you’ll get it right!

JUST THINKING – Lesson 1 (15 messages) This series deals with believers sane, sound, selective thinking. The Gadarene maniac was “in his right mind” after being delivered. Ever met someone and thought, “He ain’t right!” Get the heart right, and the head will be right. Follow YouTube for additional messages from the series.

Is a thought “just a thought”? If there are channels of thought, are you on the right channel? We eat from the garden of our thoughts so make sure you don’t plant anything for which you have a distaste.

Identity precedes authority. You are who you think you are. Do you like you? If you don’t “think” you are somebody, no one will. Look in the mirror of the Word, think justly.

The problem is not the brain but the mind that files the data. We inherited Adam’s brain damage, so we must adopt “the mind of Christ”. Be open-minded, but not so open that your brains fall out.

Is it even possible to think too much? Sure – when analysis becomes paralysis, when thinking starts you sinking, when it makes your mind race without being able to rest. Thinking is to be paced.

How did you think such a thing? You didn’t walk in the mind of Christ. Right thinking is sound, sane, sober, selective and scriptural thinking. Wash you brain in the water of the Word.

You capture the thought, the thought captures you. So it is important what we entertain. You can’t act contrary to how you think. Lot “pitched his tent toward Sodom” then loaded up and moved there. Thought dictates direction.

Some get lost in thought, it is “unfamiliar territory”. Today we balance between having a simple mind and being simpleminded. Instead of living with your head in the clouds, put your feet on the ground.

The vision works on you then you work on the vision. I offer no bucket list but a to-do list, for success only comes to those who think they can then roll of their sleeves and work their faith. Seven steps to “I Got It”.

Because we are still in the flesh, thoughts arise from the flesh that must be flushed out of our systems. Paul speaks of mind renewal. And of pulling down mental strongholds. From where do thoughts come?

In Phil. 4:8 Paul lists eight positive areas on which to focus our thinking. Better to think on than to dwell on, for when you dwell on it isn’t long until you dwell in. A few points to pique your thought.

Don’t think with your fist on your head, think with your feet on the pavement. Thinkers are on the move. Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.

The new birth is the only cure for man’s functional brain-dead, brain damage, for it offers “the mind of Christ” (1 Cor 2:16). Crucifixion occurs in the place of the skull, your personal Golgotha, the mind. Be renewed.

Play and replay these twelve points until you have them memorized, they are a 5-minute college course on success. If you have enjoyed this series please let me know!

Today we call in the thought police, conscience, the Word, the Holy Spirit, common sense, etc. Get control of what goes on “up there”. Level-headed thinking is clear-headed thinking. “Lord, clear the fog!”

JONAH – Lesson 1 (12 messages) Get the “inside scoop” on faith and obeying the call of God. Jonah graduated from Whale College (not Yale College), and turned an empire to God. But he first ran from God before he ran to and with God. It’s time to quit running!

JONAH – Lesson 2
Expounding on Jonah 1:1-2. Arise and go! We can do it the easy way or the hard way, you pick. Jonah can obey the call or he can spend a few days smelling fish guts. Either way the assignment must be fulfilled. Nineveh awaits.

JONAH – Lesson 3
Jonah went to the ticket booth and paid the fare for his Tarshish ship-ride. The downward trip always comes at a price. This series will help get you back on top, in the high calling, but the storm may come first, to turn the heart back toward home.

JONAH – Lesson 4
When the church snoozes, it loses. Jonah went to the hull of the ship and “snored” (Septuagint). He slept while others worked and slept while lives were in danger. How different, Jesus napping in the will of God than Jonah snoring outside the will of God.

JONAH – Lesson 5
When storms come, the natural tendency is to ask whose fault it is. But fault-finding is not problem-fixing. Get to the root of the matter, but don’t blame and shame, frame and aim! Let the storm aim you back in the direction of your calling.

JONAH – Lesson 6
Jonah said throw me overboard, instead the sailors “rowed hard to bring it to land”. You’ll never appease God by opposing God. Every attempt outside the will of God is hard rowing, fleshly struggle, the futility of utility. Someone has to walk the gang plank.

JONAH – Lesson 7
What you are going through is temporary (2 Cor 4:17). The whale is but for a while. Stay faithful, keep praising God and He will get you out. The fish got a tummy ache and spit the prophet out. The world can’t stomach holiness preachers!

JONAH – Lesson 8
Being swallowed by a “bottom feeder” was God’s mercy because Jonah needed an ocean liner to speed him back to his mission. A pit stop in the pit of a whale’s belly is your transition to great usefulness to God. Start confessing deliverance, not drowning.

JONAH – Lesson 9
Jonah was vomited onto the dry ground. You think your life stinks? Take a whiff of that! You don’t have to have everything perfect to get started, Jonah begins his prophet career in whale vomit and seaweed. If he got a 2nd chance, you surely can start again!

JONAH – Lesson 10
Jonah entered Nineveh with seaweed still in his beard. God uses the unorthodox! Learn seven truths about Jonah’s message, applicable to all preachers’ messages. Preach the word of God, the God of the word will promote you.

JONAH – Lesson 11
We need leadership from the top down. It happened in Nineveh, the king called the nation to fasting and prayer. A seaweed prophet and a sackcloth king. Gentile unbelievers went on a 40-day fast and suspended the horses of judgment mid-air.

JONAH – Lesson 12
Finally, Jonah wanted the city of Nineveh destroyed, just the opposite of Abraham wanting the city of Sodom saved. The gourd typifies inclusion of the Gentiles. He wasn’t using his gourd. The whale belly stunk, Jonah’s attitude smelled worse.

312 AZUSA STREET – LESSON 1 (14 messages) Revival is not important, it is imperative. Kris shares from decades of experience in this series on keys to and principles of spiritual revival. What started on Azusa Street last century is coming to your street soon! Expect!

312 AZUSA STREET – Lesson 2
More keys on revival preparation from the Azusa Street outpouring, 1906. Is your church a “landing strip” for Jumbo Jet Jesus? Obstacles must be cleared, time must be afforded, walls must come down. Prepare!

312 AZUSA STREET – Lesson 3
Know your revival history. Great Awakenings are rude awakenings. Pray through. An automobile requires a motor, the motor of revival is prayer. Faith expects. So make accommodation for growth.

312 AZUSA STREET – Lesson 4
These 7 basic elements observed at Pentecost in Acts 2 are common to all moves of revival. Ravenhill said we need to get out of the supper room and back to the Upper Room. Get hungry, get in unity, get saturated!

312 AZUSA STREET – Lesson 5
If the devil can’t keep us out of the saddle he will give a shove so we fall off the other side. Whenever a new God thing occurs mistakes are made, because revival is new unknown territory. But don’t let abuse rob proper use.

312 AZUSA STREET – Lesson 6
All great reapers in public are great weepers in private. And good sweepers too because we have to sweep, what has been swept under the rug, out the door! Revival is not “have it your way”, only God’s way.

312 AZUSA STREET – Lesson 7
Saul Alinsky wrote “Rules for Radicals”, a devilish book, but I’m sharing rules for good radicals. To be biblical, be radical. That means being a God-Chaser, a seeker (Jer 29:13). And be willing to do the ridiculous to receive the miraculous.

312 AZUSA STREET – Lesson 8
Are you radical? Then you’re biblical and usable. Learn seven Krisms today on revival. Heaven needs some ushers who will usher in revival. If the Spirit grieves He leaves. Go longer, it will get stronger, etc.

312 AZUSA STREET – Lesson 9
A huge fire can start with a small match. God is looking for a remnant, a fuse, a matchstick. Little is much when God is in it. And remnant must join remnant until a spiritual power grid envelopes whole geographic regions.

312 AZUSA STREET – Lesson 10
Jesus confronted a principal spirit identified as “Legion”. We need to chase Legion from the region, clearing the heavenlies with the Prayer Force, the church’s Air Force. Territory must be seized by warfare prayer.

312 AZUSA STREET – Lesson 11
Jesus pioneered the way (John 1:51). The veil was rent to grant access. Religion may try to sew the veil shut but we can pry it open by praying it open. Learn key principles on how to live under an open spiritual sky.

312 AZUSA STREET – Lesson 12
Today, my personal experience under an open heaven in Pensacola, FL. The Azusa Revival and other moves are previews of what God wills for the whole globe in the Last Days – the spreading of the glory cloud.

312 AZUSA STREET – Lesson 13
Consider my list of things revival is not. It is not church growth though it leads to growth, it is not commercial though it evokes a spirit of giving, it is not hype though it gives great hope. Plus much more.

312 AZUSA STREET – Lesson 14
Last message on revival. Learn seven problems that hinder a move of God, prayer problem, pride problem, prejudice, etc. If you have been blessed this series we would love to hear a report. Send the fire, O Lord!

ELIJAH THE TISHBITE – Lesson 1 (13 messages) You’ve heard of dog bite, spider bite, gigabyte, Elijah was from Tishba, a Tishbite. We need to preach a biting word. He made his emergence in emergency and went out in a blaze of glory. Meet the man with the mantle.

Elijah fled Ahab and hid out at the brook Cherith. He had great faith but did not presume to take on a whole army. He went under cover, but what miracle provisions! Ravens flew in sack lunches twice a day. There is provision for your vision.

Do not misinterpret me, most of the time you need to stay put for your faith is being tested “here”. But Elijah was commanded to go “there” (1 Kings 17:9). 6 points on knowing when it is time to move to “there”.

The Lord commanded a widow in Zeraphath to provide for Elijah. We would hope for the wealthy, instead God uses a widow. She gave the man of God “a little cake first”. Put the Kingdom first and the King will put you first.

Obadiah was Ahab’s chief of staff, yet being in a pagan system, he still rescued 100 prophets of the Lord. Elijah thought Obadiah was a sell-out when in fact he was an all-out. The system needs salt! In the system does not mean you’re of the system.

“Behold, Elijah is here!” (1 Kings 18:8) God moves us from there to get us “here”. “Here” is where the rubber meets the road. Elijah calls the false prophets to the summit of Carmel (not caramel). The showdown makes the devil back down.

You can’t remain neither/nor when Elijah demands a choice between either/or. Silence is golden, but staying mute in crisis is just plain yellow. The people sat there and wouldn’t decide. Get out of the undecided category.

Fire fall! We won’t get fired up until we’re fed up. Hear the Tishbite’s teasing taunts atop Carmel as he mocks Baal’s impotent prophets (I said Prov 4:9, meant 14:9). Rebuild the altar, and don’t fight fire, light Holy Ghost fire!

Elijah was of like passions as us, are we of like prayer as he? He “prayed again” (James 5:18,19), and again, until a little cloud the size of a man’s hand appeared in the heavens. Prayer affects the heavenlies. Revival is in the little clourd, and in the little crowd. Press on.

Those who rise the highest may sink the lowest. Elijah went from mountaintop to the dumps in a single day. He listened to the wrong voice and let his imagination run wild. Resist depression.Get back on the mountain!

Read 2 Chron 21:12-15, his letter to King Jehoram, short but not so sweet. I’d rather get a letter from the IRS than this prophet. Follow a prophet’s instruction and you won’t have to hear his correction. Yours truly, Elijah.

In 2 KIngs 1 Elijah is back calling fire down from heaven. Today, we call down the fire of love (Rom 12:20). But love sometimes necessitates a strict, strong, straight word. We have plenty of fame today, we need “flame”.

In 2 Kings Elijah leaves this world in a chariot of fire. He finished strong and “on fire”. But his success was in grooming a successor. We all leave something behind when we exit this life. Elijah left a mantle. What will you leave?


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