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Today's wisdom key, "There is a time to kneel inside the
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Enjoy daily 4-5 minute video teachings from the Word. Unveiling colors and shades of truth from the Bible through Kris' special wit and insight. Much like the "Jump-Start Your Day" devotionals on the Message page. This week's study is on the power of asking. Click the image to the left then bookmark

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"Holiness or purity is the single signature attribute of God. The seraphim angels never cry, "Love, love, love" though God is definitely love. Nor do they cry, "Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful" though He merits our wonder. Instead, they make a triune accolade, "Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts..." Likewise, in the Model Prayer, man, on earth, chimes in on the eternal praise "as it is in heaven", by hallowing His name"

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