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Today's wisdom key, "The new birth brings new
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Latest News December, 2014

Visit the "Mentoring" page for a free page-by-page walk through our exhaustive study, Psychology of the Psalms, on the emotional roller coaster of life and how to keep from falling off! Over three years of work went into this commentary. Online study has continued all through 2014.

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HUGE BARGAIN! Let us e-mail you the Training for Reigning .pdf... 409-pages of commentary on every verse of the Gospel of Matthew, now available in .pdf format for your own devotional pleasure, classroom study and sermon prep. Tons of Greek word studies, numerous translations included and insights from old masters like Spurgeon, G. Campbell Morgan and others as well as Kris' keen insights on scripture. Receive this month at an amazing discount, easy Paypal ordering - click image



Study along with excerpts from Kris' Commentary Psychology of the Psalms

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Excerpts from Kris' books - updated 8/27

"Each branch of the lampstand had a lamp resting upon it, filled with olive oil, which is a clear emblem of the Holy Spirit, also called the "golden oil". The golden color ties it in with the other inner court emblems descriptive of great wealth. The thought is that the Holy Spirit sets "upon" the branch. As Jesus declared, "the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me", so each of us are to boldly confess the same. He "sat upon each of them" (Acts 2:3), taking up His throne upon the minds and hearts of the upper room seekers. It is a compound relationship, Christ "abides" within us and the Spirit of Christ "presides" upon us.The oil is not drawn up from a lower reservoir but is rather poured by the priest down from above”

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