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Visit the "Mentoring" page for a free page-by-page walk through our exhaustive commentary, Psychology of the Psalms, on the emotional roller coaster of the lives of the Psalm writers and how to keep from falling off ourselves. Over three years of work went into this commentary. Online study continues into early 2015. The 510-page commentary is available as a .pdf download.

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BIBLICAL NUMERICS is a three-CD study on the significance of numbers one through forty, with amazing insight into biblical typology regarding doctrine, redemption and prophecy. A small book also comes with the album. No one can listen to this study and not conclude that the Bible is the infallible, inspired word of God. Click image for more information on other KJM CDS, DVDS and books.


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"Notice, the direction of the faith journey, in the Tabernacle, is from east to west. The worshiper begins at the Gate on the east side of the Tabernacle and moves toward the Holy of holies which is on the west side, which displays that once pardon is accomplished sin is now put behind our backs. Isaiah added that God has cast our sins "behind His back" (Isaiah 38:17) and as already mentioned, the psalmist pronounced our sins to be removed "as far as the east is from the west..." (Psalm 103:12)
Likewise the sin problem is now behind us and as Paul taught, we are now to forget "those things which are behind..." The Brazen Altar is where we go to have the slate cleaned and past sins erased. Sin is both vertical and horizontal. So a sin offering is demanded because we have offended God above, while a trespass offering is necessary because we have offended our fellow man below. No one can be right with God while being wrong with man. The sin and trespass offerings are both satisfied in Christ for He alone could bridge the gap between God and man and Man and man"

From THE TABERNACLE, Click for info

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