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Today's wisdom key, "Everyone listens to radio
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Latest News November, 2015

We are now posting Jumpstart transcripts on the Messages page. These are five-minute devotions, gathered from years of broadcasting in the Midwest then nationally on the Freedom Radio Network. You may have been acquainted with our "Bombshells in Nutshells" radio devotions - same type of material.

Then early December we will begin a new verse-by-verse study from Matthew which will continue on through the rest 2016.

We have a 3-CD series with accompanying booklet teaching truths on basic Bible numbers
one through forty. The listener will be amazed at the symmetry and exactness of the Bible through the usage of numbers. Kris shares these messages casually from his office desk. Click image to learn more.
$20 postpaid


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"Thy kingdom come" deadens personal agendas. Self draws up its own plans and then after the fact asks God to stamp approval on them by sending His blessing. But shut alone with God in the secret place our plans seem so small and self-motivated. When we say "hallowed be" those plans melt down in size on one hand but grow bigger in success on the other. Submitting to the filter of "thy kingdom come" results in peace because I no longer have to push my thing through. If it is my thing then I am totally responsible for it and will have to feed, fund, manage, oil and babysit it, but if it is His then I can sleep in peace"

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